Community Season 6 Episode 6 Review: “Basic Email Security”

Community Season 6 Episode 6 Review: “Basic Email Security”


I’ve never been more grateful to Yahoo. They’ve revived one of my favorite shows but have also allowed it to thrive creatively. Community operates much differently with the leash off, yes, but it’s a good different. It’s so much fun, and I’m really enjoying the ride!

This week on Community: Greendale’s main server is hacked by the famed hacker “Fart Mitzvah.” When the hacker doesn’t get Greendale’s comedy show cancelled, he progressively leaks emails from everyone at the school.

This might have been my favorite episode since Community has returned. Not only was there a strong, relevant social issue at hand (privacy, what’s private and what isn’t, etc.), but it was so much fun to watch. It was filled with references to Community’s days of old and packed with laughs. This episode was a great one, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

My favorite element of the new season (while there are several I like) is the resurgence of Britta as a relevant, funny character. Amidst all the references to Community’s Golden Age (Seasons 1-3), my favorite was perhaps the acknowledgement that Jeff and Britta were involved, if for no other reason than it reminded us how the study group got started, and where the shows roots were. I’ve appreciated the use of Britta as an incompetent human being, but I’m SO glad to see her moving back into being relevant to the group’s stories. Gillian Jacobs is just a fantastic actress, and I thoroughly enjoy watching her. I don’t create 3D renderings of her, though.

This episode was great for a lot of reasons, but perhaps the best was the references to the “Greendale Seven” days. I laughed VERY hard when Elroy and Frankie were consistently shocked by things that have gone on with them. They started out a study group, Chang was their teacher, all the bad things started when Annie lost that pen, referencing the friend who was kidnapped by pirates and the friend who…*ahem* LOVED himself to death? I just got such a charge out of Community recognizing its roots, and using them for an extremely funny long-term bit. I love the new cast members, but lest we forget the days of Pierce, Troy, and Shirley. OH and Chang’s comment about being “underutilized” since? Brilliant! It’s like they’ve been reading my reviews!

Here are some of my favorite quotes/moments from the episode:

-“Computer No Workie.”- Dean Pelton

-Elroy: “Which lunch lady, the hot one? Dean: “You mean the one that serves the hot food?”  Elroy (grinning): “Yeah”

-When Jeff, Britta and Chang start to run when the cop comes in.

-Stoked for Avengers?

-“They’re not philosophers, they’re crossing guards with guns!”- Britta

-Britta’s epic “free speech” speech.

-“No peeking at the leaking.”- Abed and Chang

– Jeff writes to astronauts.

– A free government terrorizes privacy.

All in all, another strong installment of the new, revamped, but still acknowledging its old self Community. There were more references to Garrett and Leonard being evil tonight, so…I hope that happens. Community is as strong as ever, and I hope everyone is taking the time to thank Yahoo for this.

What did you guys think of this episode? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Let us know!

New episodes of Community are available to stream every Tuesday on Yahoo Screen.

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