10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cheyenne Jackson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cheyenne Jackson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson has only been acting professionally for nearly 20 years and he has certainly made good use of that time. From the big screen, to the small screen, to the stage, Cheyenne can entertain audiences in any medium. His uncanny ability to bring any kind of character to life has resulted in him being highly regarded by his peers. Many people will recognize him best from his role as Danny Baker in 30 Rock and the various roles he’s played in the American Horror Story franchise. Most recently he has appeared in the Saved by the Bell reboot and he also has some other projects in the works. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Cheyenne Jackson.

1. He’s Was Raised In Idaho

Cheyenne Jackson was born and Washington and raised in a small town in Idaho near the Washington border. Although he always knew he wanted to do something great with his life, he never could have imagined that he would eventually have a successful career in the entertainment industry.

2. He’s Been On Broadway

Many people are aware of the success that Cheyenne has had on screen, but unless you’re a fan of plays you may not know that he’s also had a very successful theater career. He has been a part of several Broadway productions including All Shook Up and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

3. He’s A Talented Singer

Acting isn’t the only artistic talent that Cheyenne has. He is also a very talented singer. At the beginning of his music career, he even opened up for well-known artists such as Heather Headley and Vanessa Williams. Since 2009, he has released three albums. His debut album, The Power of Two, peaked at number 15 on the US Jazz charts.

4. He’s Struggled With Addiction

Cheyenne has found a lot of success over the years, but his journey hasn’t always been easy. During an interview Cheyenne said, “Because I was good at managing it so carefully, no one even knew that I had struggled with drugs and alcohol for 20 years.” Fortunately, he has been sober for the last seven years.

5. He’s A Husband And Father

Family is something that has always been important to Cheyenne. In 2014, he married actor Jason Landau and the couple has two children together – a set of fraternal twins. Both Cheyenne and Jason have always wanted to be parents and they are enjoying their journey through parenthood.

6. He Was A Track Star In High School

Cheyenne wasn’t the most athletic person growing up, but he found success in high school as a member of the track and field team. In an Instagram post he said, “When I was 16 I went to the state championships in the high hurdles. Why that is significant is because NO ONE in the school or on the track team thought of me as an athlete, including myself. Then one day, I put my mind and my body to the task, blocked out that nagging, sabotaging negative voice, and believed for the first time that I was more than the tall guy who was in show choir and couldn’t make eye contact with people.”

7. He’s Named After A Western

There are some people who have cool stories behind how they got their name and Cheyenne Jackson is one of them. When most people hear the name Cheyenne they immediately  think of the Native American tribe, but that’s not where Cheyenne got his name. Apparently, his father loved the Western TV series Cheyenne so much that he decided to name his son after it. Ironically, Cheyenne really does have Native American ancestry although it’s unclear whether or not his roots trace back to the Cheyenne tribe.

8. He Is Passionate About Giving Back To The Community

Since coming into the spotlight, Cheyenne has been passionate about using his celebrity status to help others. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he is a strong supporter of gay rights. He is an ambassador for Hetrick-Martin Institute which is an organization that focuses on serving LGBTQ+ youth.

9. He Didn’t Start Acting Until He Was In His 20s

Cheyenne is truly a late bloomer as far as actors are concerned. During his 20s he spent years working in advertising for a magazine in Seattle. After the terrorist attacks in September 11, 2001 and an unrelated death in his family shortly after, Cheyenne realized that life was too short for him not to chase his dreams. He decided to leave advertising behind and get into acting.

10. He’s A Big Jane Fonda Fan

On top of being an actor, Cheyenne is also a fan. The legendary actress Jane Fonda is one of the people he admires the most. He told the New York Post, “The first time I met Jane Fonda was at Anderson Cooper’s house, and I was starstruck. She’s always been one of my favorite everythings — as an actress, a philanthropist, a person.”

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