What the Cast of Cheers Looks Like Today

In the history of television and in the future of television there will never be a better bar sitcom than Cheers.   Approximately 99% of the show was shot inside a bar and there’s never been anything like it since, and there was never anything like it before.   We all got to know the gang over the show’s incredible 11-year-run and we all laughed with the characters, cried with the characters, and most importantly, related to all of the characters.

Whether it was the cocky bar owner slash bartender in Sam Malone or the goofy mailman Cliff Clavin, each character reminded us of someone we knew in our lives and it brought the show that much closer into our homes and hearts.

Now, nearly 25 years after the last episode aired, the cast of the show looks plenty different than when the show was at the height of its popularity.  Here’s a look at what the major cast members of Cheers look like today.

Ted Danson – Sam Malone

Rhea Perlman – Carla Tortelli

John Ratzenberger – Cliff Clavin

George Wendt – Norm Peterson

Kelsey Grammer – Dr. Frasier Crane

Woody Harrelson – Woody Boyd

Shelley Long – Diane Chambers

Kirstie Alley – Rebecca Howe

Bebe Neuwirth – Lillith

Roger Rees – Robin Colcord

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