Bruce Springsteen Extends His Broadway Run Until End of Year

It sounds like Bruce Springsteen is going to be extending his Broadway run until the end of this year. What that means is that he’ll be performing 81 shows between July 10th and December 15th. That seems like a lot of engagements for someone that’s only a couple years shy of his 70th birthday, but obviously The Boss isn’t too worried about it. That averages out between 13 and 14 shows per month, which would seem like a lot for any performer, but seeing as how it’s a one man show and there might be less to get ready it could go smoother and be less stress. Honestly I kind of doubt that last part but it could happen.

The original plan was for eight weeks as it was announced last October, but it could be that Springsteen is feeling as though it might be time to say goodbye to the stage, or could be gearing up for a chance to just relax for a while and wants to put in as much of an appearance as possible. It’s been happening lately with some of the greats. Paul Simon and Elton John have both expressed the desire to slow down and will be ceasing their touring days, at least out of the country that is. Honestly that seems more than fair since these performers have given so much of themselves throughout the years when it comes to entertaining the masses. Their music and their presence has been so uplifting that people have been inspired for many a year and have used Springsteen and others as references in their lives on various occasions. When people start to emulate you in such a manner you can easily assume that you’ve done something right with your life.

But the rigors of the road and of just being onstage aren’t bound to agree with everyone after a while since at a certain age people do start to slow down and can begin to feel the aches and pains that come from performing, standing up all the time, and just pouring their heart and soul out to the people in an effort to give them the best show possible. Springsteen might not always show it or even talk about it but he’s not a young man anymore and the effort could be wearing on him. If so he keeps a smile on his face when he’s onstage and doesn’t let anyone know about as he strums his guitar and sings his song for an adoring audience. 81 shows seems like a daunting number but obviously Springsteen believes he can do it so there’s no point in doubting him at this time. Fans should just hope for the best and enjoy the ride from summer to winter as The Boss lays it down for them in a way that only he can.

There are no rumors that Springsteen is retiring thankfully and I won’t bother to spread any, but the man is simply a machine when it comes to touring and then recording.

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