6 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cold Opens That Perfectly Sum Up Each Character

It goes without saying that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most hilarious cop comedies out there. However, it’s not just for its witty writing and brilliant ensemble cast but also its cleverly crafted cold opens. The brief snippets at the start of each episode expertly set the tone while giving glimpses into the unique personalities of each character.

From Captain Holt’s (Andre Braugher) deadpan delivery to Jake Peralta’s (Andy Samberg) over-the-top antics, every member of the Nine-Nine gets their time in the sun. Altogether, these intros never fail to inspire some giggles and full-on laughter. So, with all that in mind, here are 10 Brooklyn Nine-Nine cold opens that mirror each character.

1. Amy Santiago – (Yippie Kayak: Season 3, Episode 10)

Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cold Opens

Who’s the neurotic, people-pleasing yet by-the-book champion of the Nine-nine? It’s none other than Amy Santiago played by Melissa Fumero. No, cold open shows the different facets of her character as much as the one in Season 3, episode 10. In a bid to give Captain Holt a gift without “giving him one,” she drops an obscure package on his desk. Naturally, it’s mistaken for a bomb and the whole incident was blown out of proportion, resulting in an all-out evacuation of the precinct. What’s hilarious, charming, and so on the nose about this cold opening is that it encompasses Amy’s attention to detail and her competitive nature which often leads to hilarious situations.

2. Sergeant Terry Jeffords – (Operation: Broken Feather – Season 1, Episode 15)

Terry - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cold Opens

While he definitely looks like he’s all brawn, Jeffords (Terry Crews) has surprising depth. Altogether, his character brings a unique blend of toughness, whimsy, and sensitivity to the precinct. So, it makes sense that this cold open featured him in a feat of strength. The precinct is playing a ‘friendly’ football game against their archnemesis the fire department. So, naturally, they put their best foot forward — Sergeant Jeffords.

He earns them several touchdowns using his towering physique to get himself to the endzone. In fact, he even lets Peralta ride on his shoulders, bagging a touchdown himself. He graces all that with a victory dance to which Fire Marshall Boone (Patton Oswalt) retorts, “You don’t have to dance every time!” Then he replies, “True. But I choose to.” In a nutshell, this cold open proves that though Terry is the tough guy, he knows how to let loose and would do anything for his team.

3. Charles Boyle – (Bad Beat – Season 5, Episode 5)


Ah, Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), the lovable and slightly eccentric member of the Nine-Nine. He’s got a heart of gold, but let’s say he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. By not the sharpest, we mean he’s like a butter knife in a world full of Ginsu knives. But, perhaps Boyle’s most defining characteristic is his undying loyalty and love for Jake… and that’s at the helm of this cold open.

Already, Boyle is pretty much known for his inappropriate abbreviations and phrases. From STDs to night boys, he’s constantly spurting questionable slang. So, when he’s pretty sure that Jake is about to ask him to be his BM (Best Man) it’s nothing out of the ordinary. In a twist of events — and to his delight — Jake ends up asking him to be his BM in a stunt more elaborate than a marriage proposal.

4. Gina Linetti – (The Chopper – Season 2, Episode 22)

Gina - Brooklyn Nine-Nine cold opens

An epitome of chaotic good, Gina Linetti played by Chelsea Peretti brings a much-needed dose of eccentricity to the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As far as cold opens go, this one highlighted her multi-faceted personality and the fact that she’s constantly marching to the beat of her own drum. In this Brooklyn Nine-Nine cold open, Jake discovers that Gina’s eyes are practically and literally glued to her phone.

So, naturally, they start up a workplace wager to see who can get her to look up from her phone. From dance parties to airhorns, nothing does the trick. Of course, till Terry changes his relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’. You’ve got to remember, Gina loves her some Terry!

5. Hitchcock And Scully (Ransom – Season 7, Episode 12)


First and foremost, it’s positively hilarious how Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) are considered as one person. In a nutshell, the pair believe that they’ve paid their dues and are simply doing the bare minimum till retirement comes a-knocking. So, it makes sense that this Brooklyn Nine-Nine cold open depicts their — to put it lightly — incompetence.

Apparently, there was a series of precinct-wide emails letting everyone know that the building was being fumigated. But, Hitchcock and Scully show up ‘bright and early’ and even chat about how they’re basically the only dedicated workers. Long story short, Jake shows up to burst their bubbles, but not before Scully passes out. It just goes to show that while Hitchcock and Sully may not be your typical crime-fighting heroes, they bring a certain whimsy to the table.

6. Captain Raymond Holt – (Unsolvable – Season 1, Episode 21)


Raymond Holt, the stern, stoic, and calculative captain of the 99th precinct, is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a perfectly tailored suit. But beneath all that is a dedicated officer with a heart of gold and some unintentionally funny quips. Perhaps that’s why this cold open sums him up so expertly.

When he shows up to work with a sprained wrist Jake concludes that he hurt it doing something ‘he’s embarrassed by’. In not so hushed tones the squad squabbles over what could have caused his injury. Genius suggestions ranging from ‘smiling’ to ‘sports injuries’ were thrown into the ring. So, naturally, Holt came out to clear the air, blaming an uneven sidewalk for his wonky wrist.

But it didn’t end there, in his sly and calculated manner, Holt pulled Jake to the side, revealing that it was a hula hoop misadventure that caused his injury. While this proved Jake’s theory, it was equally clear that no one would believe him. Calculative, right?

7. Rosa Diaz (Det. Dave Major – Season 2, Episode 21)

Rosa Diaz

With her piercing gaze and poker face, Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), the badass detective of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is like a stealthy ninja in the world of law enforcement. Even more, everyone at the precinct is terrified of her. So, when she wears pink to the precinct — believe us when we say, it’s extremely out of character — everyone is shocked. However, no one makes fun of her and that’s what gets Boyle’s gear grinding. So, naturally, everyone including Rosa ends up ribbing Boyle because he couldn’t possibly pull off pink.

8. Jake Peralta (Beach House – Season 2, Episode 12)

Jake Peralta

With his witty one-liners and outlandish antics Jake Peralta is the heart of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Let’s say that he’s like the human embodiment of a high-five. However, he’s equally reckless, a lover of childish antics and a dog with a bone when it comes to justice. So, when he pieces together that Holt is sitting in his office without pants on, he goes on a self-appointed mission to prove it. Using hijinks after hijinks he attempts to prove his point and ends up just as pant-less as his boss. Needless to say, this cold open showcased Jake’s relentlessness, immaturity and fun-loving nature all wrapped up in one.

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