Bong Joon Ho Releases The Teaser For His Next Film Mickey 17

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Are you ready for Robert Pattinson to suit up and play Batman again? Well…wrong article. On a serious note, Pattinson will be making his return to the big screen, but this time in Bong Joon Ho’s next film, Mickey 17. Based on the novel Mickey 7, this high-concept thriller was described as in the vein of The Martian and Dark Matter. Pattinson is an “expendable” – which is described as a disposable employee on a human expedition sent to colonize the ice world Nifheim – who refuses to let his replacement clone take this place.

Pattinson isn’t the only big name attached to the film as Oscar nominees Steve Yeun (Minari), Toni Collette (Knives Out), Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight), and Naomi Ackie (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) are all a part of this film, though their exact roles remain unknown. Mickey 17 is scheduled to be released on March 29, 2024. It’s amazing how Pattinson’s career has gone since Twilight ended 10 years ago. Despite the negative reviews of Twilight, that franchise started the whole Young Adult novel adaptation craze and catapulted him, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner into stars.

Since the conclusion of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II, Pattinson opted to go the independent route not because he was tired of doing big-budget movies but out of fear of being shut out altogether, “You can see quite a lot of examples of it not really working out for people,” Pattinson told BBC. “So I thought it would be a silly idea to try to do a massive action movie or something. I always think that whatever movie you’re doing, there’s a potential that it’s the last movie you’re ever going to get, and so I don’t want to end my career on a transitional movie.”

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That route has proven to be a smart decision for Pattinson, who has showcased in films such as Good Time, High Life, and The Lighthouse that he’s actually a pretty strong actor when given an opportunity to sink his teeth into roles with incredible depth and meaning. This path has led him to play Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and despite being different than the previous versions, Pattinson was indeed an excellent choice to take over the role. However, let’s not count out Bong Joon Ho, who is making his first film since his 2019 Oscar winner, Parasite. Ho blew up massively following the release of that twisted little feature; however, the filmmaker has a strong library of films such as Mother, Memories of Murder, The Host, and Snowpiercer.

The premise of the film is indeed strange, but the Oscar winner is no stranger to novel adaptations, and if you’ve seen most of Bong Joon Ho’s films, then you’ll understand that this sounds right up his alley. This is Ho’s first big mainstream film, though Snowpiercer featured Oscar winners Octavia Spencer and Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans, and Oscar nominee Ed Harris.

Credit: Mickey 17

Mickey 17 is produced by Plan B Entertainment, Dooho Choi of Kate Street Picture Company, and Bong under his Offscreen, Inc. banner. Oscar-nominated director of photography Darius Khondji (Okja, Evita), Oscar-nominated production designer Fiona Crombie (The Favorite, Cruella), Oscar-nominated editor Jinmo Yang (Parasite), costume designer Catherine George (Okia, Snowpiercer) and visual effects supervisor Dan Glass (The Matrix franchise). The music is composed by Jae-il (Parasite, Squid Game). The teaser looks strong, though there’s not much to go by, so I can’t give a stronger analysis of how the film looks since the focus is mostly on one shot. Either way, given the incredible depth of talent in front and behind the camera, this could end up being another strong entry into Bong Joon Ho’s filmography.

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