10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bishop Briggs

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bishop Briggs

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs is a singer. She’s an artist that many have heard of, many have not, and some will hear of regularly starting right now. Unless you are a fan of music and pay close attention, you might not be familiar with her, but she’s someone who is talented, soulful, and wonderful. She is also in the press right now because she made a huge announcement prior to her Coachella performance, and we have it all right here.

1. She Shares a Name with a Famous Singer

She doesn’t go by her birth name, so many people have no idea her name is not Bishop. In fact, you’d be shocked to learn that her name is actually Sarah McLaughlin, but not the same as the singer who made us all cry with her animal commercial singing. She’s got the same name, but they are not the same person.

2. She is Young

She is much too young to be the other Sarah. This one, the one known as Bishop, is a woman who was born in 1992. She was born on July 18, 1992, and she’s been living her best life ever since.

3. She is English

One thing that is quite interesting to note is that she is English. She was born in London, which you know is located in the United Kingdom. She lived there for several years as a young child, though she did not spend much of her life there. In fact, she was only four when she moved from London.

4. She is Scottish

She might be someone who was born in London, England, but she is of Scottish descent. Her parents are both Scottish, and we have no idea what they were doing in London when she was born. They were liking living and working there at the time, though.

5. She Lived in Tokyo

She spent the bulk of her own childhood growing up in another part of the world. She was four when her family moved her from London, and they took her to Tokyo. She actually spent a lot of her time there singing and learning to sing. Her first experience singing publicly was in a Tokyo karaoke bar, and she was hooked.

6. She Uses a Stage Name Important to her

Here is the part where we get to tell you where she grew up. She was living in London, as you know, but the town she lived in was called Bishopbriggs, which is also the name she uses on stage. Bishop Briggs. It was clearly a place that is important to her, and she does have some fond memories – otherwise, we cannot see her choosing to go by the name if her memories there were anything but fond.

7. She Plays Piano

She is also a songwriter, and she writes many of her own songs. When she is writing, she is big on using her piano. It’s something that has been important to her for a long time, and we find it interesting that many artists are both singers, writers, and they also have an instrument to play when they write.

8. She is Pregnant

She announced just a few days before performing at Coachella that she was going to be a mother. The world is shocked, too, because she’s in her third trimester and no one knew. It’s so impressive she was able to keep that to herself that amount of time, but she probably would not have been able to hide that at the festival.

9. She Lost Her Sister

Sadly, she’s been through a lot. Her sister passed away in 2021, and it’s been a difficult time for her. She’s been close to her sister her entire life, and losing her has been an exceptionally painful time. She doesn’t want to miss her sister, but she does. She wants to spend time with her again, and she hopes that she can find the time to spend with her when she writes and she feels her sister is there with her.

10. She is Very Private

She’s going to have a baby sometime in the next few months, and she’s not said a word to anyone who has fathered her child. There is no rumor, there is no man that anyone can pinpoint, and there is nothing for us to go on. She might have gone through donor sperm at the doctor. She might have a boyfriend she’s been with for a decade that we don’t know about. She might have gotten pregnant during a one-night stand. We simply don’t know.

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