Big Brother USA 12 Week Three POV Competition/Ceremony

There are those with common sense and those with book sense only, but unfortunately on Big Brother tonight, we saw neither one.

Picking up where the nomination ceremony left off, the house collect themselves over the mindfrak that they just experienced with Matt’s random nominations. The Brigade scratch their heads and butts, but feel that Matt must have a damn good plan (reason) for his picks, but if they really knew that Matt was rolling dollo in his plan, then life in the Big Brother house would be oh so exciting due to mud being slung to the nth degree. Kathy is still confused, while Andrew is highly pissed, because he knows that Matt’s plan has a chance of blowing up in their face.

Meanwhile, “Brenchal” (Brendon named themselves tonight) made out in the Red Room and I swear it looked like the end of a Michael Bay epic… until Andrew comes stumping in. Kathy chats with Matt in the HOH room where she tells him that she wasn’t gunning for him, but was just voting for a friend. In his best Ray Romano smile, Matt tells Big Brother that he thinks Kathy is lying and doesn’t believe a word she is telling him, despite Kathy’s reasoning making sense. Hayden and Kristen comfort Andrew by saying that he needs to win the veto to get out the pickle he’s now in.

Later, Andrew makes his frustrations (LOUDLY) known when he finds out that he can’t drink tea dude to Rachel tainting it with peaches, making it undrinkable due to the Have Nots stipulations and rules. Kathy goes to talk to him and Andrew reveals the almost complete hate he has for Rachel and how he doesn’t see Brendon’s infatuation with her. Hmmm…

The Brigade finally sits down with Matt to discuss his plan with the nominations, because they want to be sure that it is a plan to get either Rachel or Brendon out. While Matt told Big Brother that he was being selfish with his nominations that week early in the hour, he back tracks and says that he is down for their plan to back door a piece of “Brenchel” if the opportunity arises. With the POV coming up, the guys stress how much they all need to play in the game.

Next we get a filler segment which features Andrew and his love of cleanliness, which I have to agree with him on, although I also believe in lost causes and keeping the Big Brother house clean is one of them.

It’s time to pick players for the Veto competition and the Brigade is shot down when Brendon AND Rachel are both picked to play. Lane is picked as well, but the damage is already done and Lane and Matt both whine in the HOH room about the Brigade’s bad luck. Andrew hates that he picked Rachel, but I wouldn’t make that a big deal publicly if I wanted this girl to save me. Anyway, Andrew later tells Matt that he is not completely calm with Matt’s plan so far. If Matt doesn’t see that he has messed up big time this week, then I guess the writing on the wall has to get more graphic than the tattoos on his arm.

We get more filler with Lane, Matt, and Brendon and the concept of guns. That’s all I can remember.

It’s time for the Veto competition! And it’s a memory game! The host is Enzo and you would think this guy was doing Jersey’s version of Masterpiece Theater. The Aladdin getup he has to wear is only making this analogy stick even worse. The competition consists of the housemates estimating how many items are in a certain location. They have to estimate the number and then either stay or fold with their answers. The person who guesses the closest to the correct amount and stays, stays in the game and gets a point. The person who doesn’t do that is eliminated. The goal is to get three points. Rachel’s answers look as if they are intentionally stupid, but they keep her in the game, so go figure. The elimination went like this: Lane, Matt (yeah, I know right?), Kathy, leaving Rachel, Brendon, and Andrew left in the game. Since Rachel was playing around and throwing the game for (Brendon), it is really Andrew and Brendon left in the game. In the end, Andrew loses and Brendon (and Rachel) win the POV. The Brigade is flabbergasted. After running in the house and immediately slobbing each other down, “Brenchal” break for air and Brendon makes it known to Rachel that they must gun for Andrew to stay in the house no matter what.

Matt and Enzo both lick their wounds, but as Matt keeps going on about their luck, Enzo unofficially denounces Matt as the “brains” of the group. Hmm. Matt later talks to Andrew about wanting the vote to end up in a tie, which I think he was trying to instigate so he could vote. Andrew finally uses his brain (for a sec) and tells Matt that his plans suck and he doesn’t want no part of them. Later as the lights are out, Brendon and Andrew discuss game and how “the idiots” are taking over the house, which proves to me that the Brigade alliance is not as secretive as they think it is. Andrew asks Brendon to back him up in what he is about to do, because it will be shocking and a house rocker. Bring it on then, Andrew! He then asks Brendon to not tell Rachel about their conversation

The POV Ceremony is upon us and while Brendon asks the two nominees to say their peace, Kathy declines the offer, but Andrew goes nuts. He stands up and recounts how Brendon and Rachel called Matt out on his duplicity and later didn’t vote him out, despite Matt making it known that he (Matt) was coming for them. Andrew then reiterated how Matt didn’t do as he promised by putting up Rachel and Brendon, which Andrew claims worked in Matt’s favor and so it should work for him as well. So Andrew tells the house that he is coming for Brendon and Rachel, then asks (demands) that Brendon use the POV on him so he can take them out.

Huh? That was it?!?!? Britney’s reaction to this is hilarious. I am confused though, because I kinda see what Andrew was doing, but he did in the most lame-brained way possible. Like Matt said, everyone is only getting a laugh out of this ‘plan’, but that doesn’t mean that Matt’s plan was any better.

So what did you guys think? Was common sense absent tonight? Or were these crafty plays by the Big Brother hamsters tonight?

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