Why We’ll Be Watching New Netflix Show “On My Block”

There’s a number of reasons why people will be watching On My Block on Netflix and it has a lot to do with the fact that it takes place in a town that’s ruled by two different gangs and it has nothing of the typical stereotypes that you might otherwise see in many other shows. It looks like a comedy right up until the moment when it doesn’t, when the drama portion of it kicks in and you deduce that it’s as close to real life as a fictional series can get since it deals with some very real issues that people have to confront each and every day. High school is just one of them, and some days that’s enough for any kid.

The effort of fitting in, of making yourself known, and of being your own person in a system that’s made to create hierarchy among the students is a difficult proposition. In On My Block a small group of students manage to stick together for the most part as they go through their everyday lives and do their best to just get through each and every in an attempt to be normal and be noticed. Anyone that’s ever been through high school, and there’s a lot of us that still remember, had to undergo the need for acceptance, the struggle to just get by, and the undeniable urge to belong to something, anything, that might help us with that process. The show manages to depict so many different aspects of living as kids of color in a neighborhood where safety isn’t always possible and the very real struggles of just getting through life every day can become something of a grind that people try their best to understand. The show looks like something worth watching and could be binge-worthy as well. The story definitely seems like something to which a large number of people could relate to in some way.

This show is largely about diversity since it’s not the average series that shows primarily white kids traversing through a neighborhood that’s completely safe and would be deemed as a nice place to live. The town in this series is the kind of place where kids know which blocks and avenues to not walk down, which areas to avoid, and who to talk to and who to not even look at. It’s more real world than a lot of places that have ever been filmed and as a result it gives off a vibe that’s much easier to relate to because people can look at it and say “I’ve been there”. Obviously the town is fictional but many people should be able to relate to the story that’s told and just what it feels like to have to go through such an existence. This show is bound to be something that a lot of folks will find interesting simply because it’s not the average, run of the mill series about how life is filled with hope despite the dangers that exist. It’s about life, period.

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