The 10 Best Supernatural Horror Movies of All-Time

The 10 Best Supernatural Horror Movies of All-Time

It’s tough to come up with a definitive ‘all-time’ list when there have been so many great movies that have been released to the public over the years, but taking things from a more personal standpoint makes it a little easier at least. Horror movies come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, as the scares that work for some people won’t necessarily work for everyone. But over the years it’s been seen that some horror movies haven’t really withstood the test of time while others have remained the classics we remember since for one reason or another the way they were formed was masterful enough that fans from several generations have managed to enjoy them. Whether a movie is considered to be PC or not, however, the horror aspect that makes each one so great is often enough to keep them in mind. Supernatural horror movies are addictive in a way since people tend to want answers to things they can’t explain, and while science fiction can often give a vague type of explanation, the supernatural aspects of some movies defy any easy answers that might be given.  Here are ten of the all-time best supernatural horror movies. 

10. Ghostbusters

Anytime horror and comedy can come together it’s actually a pretty good time depending on who’s starring in the movie and whether or not they can make the idea work. If not for the comedic chops of several of the actors in Ghostbusters it might have fallen a little flat on the horror scale. The overall story was great, but the comedy made it even better since a group of guys fighting ghosts throughout a city that’s probably teeming with them is something that a lot of people were able to get into. Plus, the idea of something even bigger being set loose, by a representative of the EPA no less, is even funnier. 

9. In the Mouth of Madness

Sometimes the writers of great stories get overlooked too often, and sometimes it’s best to look past them and simply accept that they can and do write stories that people enjoy without knowing the full weight of the madness that resides behind them. It’s easy to let people laugh and think that writers are ‘crazy’ since in the real world a lot of folks don’t believe that a writer can influence people beyond the scope of their stories. But in this movie, the point is that it’s ALL a story and that one writer has been quietly but assuredly letting the madness take over a small town bit by bit until the chaotic monstrosities that have been summoned use him as a portal to reach the world beyond. 

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street

A villain that targets people while they’re asleep is uniquely terrifying since there are a few things that human beings can’t function without any period of time, and sleep is one of the most important. But how eager would a person be to close their eyes if they have an idea of who’s going to be waiting on the other side? The chances are pretty good that a lot of folks would become completely invested in how to stay awake as long as possible without any lasting psychological effects. But of course, in the movies no one thinks like this since the disbelief that comes with horror monsters is well documented and easy to laugh at. 

7. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Quite often some of the most classic tales in horror tend to get butchered for one reason or another and are handed off to big-name actors in order to try and survive on their star power to make the movie work. This time around the only real downside of the movie was trying to listen to Keanu Reeves even attempt a British accent, which was horrifying enough. But the tale of Dracula is one that a lot of people can’t help but approve of given that it’s been around long to be called a classic and a masterpiece. It has been done and redone, however, and each time people feel the need to defend the new movie or condemn it, with plenty of middle ground to spare. 

6. The Shining

When it comes to isolation horror this movie is right up there with the best since being stuck in a hotel the size of a small town with only three people and who knows how many ghosts that begin to drive Jack crazy, it was just a countdown to the moment he would pick up the ax and try something. The sequel to this movie, Doctor Sleep, was actually quite good as well and built off of the movie rather than just the books since if anyone recalls, the Overlook burned down in the first book, and this carried over Doctor Sleep, but in the sequel, the Overlook was still standing. It’s not that big of a deal since the story flowed just right. 

5. The Exorcist

This movie scared the living hell out of a lot of people back in the day and it’s still considered absolutely creepy today since the story is something that a lot of individuals still claim gives them nightmares. Demonic possession is something that, when done right, is bound to offend and even enrage a lot of people, especially those of a religious nature. The sad part was that for a while, Linda Blair’s life was kind of wrecked by this movie since the imagery used in a lot of scenes was kind of, well, disturbing, to say the least. Other movies have come after this one, but nothing has really compared to the first attempt. 

4. Evil Dead II

One would almost think that the retconning of the story would have soured people to this movie but the comedy and acting of Bruce Campbell were great enough to make a lot of people forget about the fact that the first and second movies didn’t line up that easily. Plus, there were so many great scenes in this movie that it was easy to forgive any inconsistencies. That’s a good thing really since the movie ended on a note that made it clear that there would be another one, and that it would probably be retconned just as much, which it was. Army of Darkness was funny, but this movie was hilarious. 

3. Candyman

Those darn spirits that love to use mirrors to be summoned are kind of troublesome since next to Bloody Mary, Candyman is still a name that a lot of people might say in front of a mirror since they don’t want to tempt fate just to prove that there’s no such thing. But while the most recent version of Candyman might have caught the attention of a lot of people, there’s nothing like the original since Tony Todd’s voice and appearance gave rise to one of the more iconic horror villains of our time, and the vicious nature of the spirit was nothing short of insane since he ripped up just about anyone to get to his target. 

2. The Lost Boys

This one had to make the list since despite already having a vampire movie, and a classic at that, this movie was a lot of fun thanks to its cast and because it was bloody and scary, but it was fashioned for a more modern crowd and created a lot of humor to go with it. Granted, the Frog brothers and Sam would have likely been waxed pretty easily in a full-on horror movie, but n this manner the two Corey’s would help to create something that was both witty and interesting since plenty of people were talking about this movie when it came out, from adults to kids. Yes, you read that right. 

1. Hellraiser

Just reading up on the Cenobites is enough to get creeped out about this movie since the ‘exquisite’ pain that they appear to enjoy inflicting on others is something that would make a lot of people feel ready to toss their cookies since the idea behind this movie is that pain is glorious and that it brings so much pleasure that the human mind can’t possibly conceive of it. If you’re thinking “That’s okay, I’m good” you’re not the only one, but there’s something to be said for this series all the same since the greatness didn’t last, but it was definitely one of those that was horrifying at one time. 

I’m betting that everyone has their own list of what they consider to be the best. 

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