A Bad Lip Reading of Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony

The bad lip reading clip of Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony is kind of hilarious but really takes away from the fact that Facebook has become something of an unknown and not entirely trustworthy platform that people do or don’t trust now according to what they’ve heard. It is fun to watch this for the duration however and see Zuckerberg being confounded just as much as he seemed to be in real life. It’s a bit unfair to say such a thing since Zuckerberg is kind of under the gun so to speak when it comes to fixing the issues that Facebook is being held responsible for, but given the fact that Facebook did manage to give out so much information without people’s consent, be it legal or illegal, it’s still their problem to fix.

Ironically enough people are still using Facebook and probably will continue to do so until it either goes belly up or becomes even larger. Honestly the latter is a lot more likely than the former since millions upon millions of people use Facebook every day no matter if their information leak is that substantial. But watching the bad lip reading is funny in a sense since it gives you the impression that Zuckerberg has finally been caught and found to be less than confident in giving out straight answers about what his company does and what their responsibilities are when it comes to the users that depend on them for this service. In all honesty he looks like he’s about to pass out at some point since he doesn’t seem to be prepared or even mildly confident about his stance when it comes to those that are questioning him.

On the flip side however those doing the questioning look like they’re bored out of their minds and would rather be anywhere else than sitting in their seats chastising a man half their age about the information leak that should have been prevented a long time ago. How this was even allowed to become a problem is hard to fathom since no one in their right mind would ever agree to allow their information to be leaked to anyone for a purpose they didn’t understand or agree with. The unfortunate fact that such an agreement is in the fine print that, admittedly, many people never read is hard to argue against, but if fine print was to finally become something that’s front and center without legalese turning it into another language then it might be easier for people to read and finally understand in its entirety. Companies all over the world use fine print to hide a lot of things that people might otherwise not agree with to save time or to simply fulfill an obligation when it comes to informing people fully. The unfortunate fact is that many people understand the basics about not sharing information in ways that are not allowed and not abusing a service but don’t bother to read the rest of the print.

That’s how companies like Facebook and so many others thrive, they put the most important facts and notices in the fine print where they know the majority of people won’t look.

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