Why The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Need to Be Taken Off the Air


OK so The Bachelor is one of the most popular shows on television and brings in a ton of money.  And tonight’s finale is going to bring in obscene ratings.   So is it going to be canceled?  Obviously not.  The producers have taken the concept of finding one’s true love, condensed it into a 6 week contest spread out over way too many episodes,  and fans around America/The World absolutely love it.  Audiences love to critique the contestants on social media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there are even viewing parties sprouting up all over the country just to watch 2 hours of completely unrealistic fodder.

Personally I think it’s a testament to how far we’ve come or rather regressed as a society.  I mean come on people.  What is The Bachelor and The Bachelorette at its core?  It’s a form of legalized prostitution disguised as a dating show to find one’s true love.  And if you happen to think any other way then you are 100% wrong.  It’s plain and simple.  Look at this season of The Bachelor.  Is it really any different than any other season?   One man.  Twenty Five women all competing for this one man.   And what are we all hoping for as fans?  That The Bachelor sleeps with his contestants.

So we’ve got Polygamy in here.  Check.  Then there’s the “being on TV to get a career” factor.  Check.  As we’ve seen all too many times these relationships or “marriages” upon the show’s completion rarely if ever work out.  Gee what a surprise!  You’ve got 6 weeks to go through 25 girls and find one that you want to spend the rest of your life with?  No.  You’re a male and you realize there are 25 hot women who are basically willing to have sex with you so they can become famous and make a lot of money.  And vice versa.  So if you’re telling me that’s not prostitution then you are completely wrong.  Is it technically?  No.  Because these women aren’t being paid to have sex with Ben Higgins.  But come on.  They are.  And we all know it.

They are having sex with him so they can eventually GET paid so is it really all that different? Hardly.   But we Americans feed on this stuff.  We feed on the drama.  We love to make fun of Olivia Caridi’s toes or rag on Caila Quinn or Jojo or Lauren B.  for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that they do this or that on TV (which is more than likely edited or scripted to look a certain way).

At this point I think I’d rather just have a reality show where 25 women all go on dates with one guy and the top three who the guy says are the best sexual partners make the finals.  I mean it feels like television is going there anyway is it not?  While I know the show is never going to be taken off the air anytime soon it really should be.

If only because this is NOT how you go about teaching people to find true love.  This is a way to get ratings and glue people to the screens.  I suppose as long as people are going in because they know the show is a complete farce makes it somewhat OK?

Eh, it’s just awful.   And yet, here I am writing about it.  Guess I’m part of the problem.

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