10 Things You Didn’t Know about Baby Chimp Rescue

If you’re an animal lover who has been looking for something new to watch during the pandemic, the new BBC Two series, Baby Chimp Rescue, will probably be right up your alley. The show features Jim and Jenny Desmond, a married couple who has dedicated their lives to rescuing baby chimpanzees. The series takes an interesting an intimate look at Jim and Jenny’s journey to provide the chimps with a healthy and stable life. Whether you’re familiar with chimps or simply want to learn more about them, this show has a little something to offer everyone. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about the show Baby Chimp Rescue.

1. Jim and Jenny Desmond Aren’t New To Caring For Chimps

Caring for baby chimps isn’t something that Jim and Jenny Desmond just started doing for the sake of the show. They have been at work in this area for several years and believe that what they do is truly they’re calling. They run a non profit organization called Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection.

2. Jim Desmond Is A Vet

If the fact that they run a non-profit wasn’t enough to convince you that Jim and Jenny are qualified to do what they do, this probably will. Jim is a wildlife veterinarian who graduated from Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine. He specializes in researching emerging diseases.

3. The Show Takes Place In Liberia

Although Jim and Jenny are both from the United States, they have been living in out of the country for several years. After living in Kenya, they were asked to relocate to Liberia by the Humane Society to care for nearly 70 chimpanzees. The show itself takes place in Liberia where there are many chimpanzees who are in need of medical attention and special care

4. The Show Is Truly Informative

The goal of any TV show is always to entertain, but Baby Chimp Rescue is about more than just showing the world how cute baby chimps are. The goal of the show is to provide helpful information so that people are aware of the danger that many of these chimps are in and also have a better understanding of why chimps shouldn’t be kept as pets.

5. The Chimps Learn Important Life Skills

While the baby chimps are in Jim and Jenny’s care their medical needs aren’t the only thing that will be focused on. Jim and Jenny will also teach the chimps important skills they’ll need to be able to take care of themselves. Since many of these chimps are orphans, their parents are no longer around to teach them.

6. You Might Shed A Few Tears

Baby Chimp Rescue will undeniably be full of lots of cute moments, but there will be some sad moments as well. Many viewers might find themselves heart broken when they see the condition that some of the chimps are in and some of the treatment they’ve endured before coming to the Demonds.

7. The Show Is A Miniseries

One thing that’s important to know about Baby Chimp Rescue before you decide to get too invested is that the show is a mini series. This means that it will air over the course of a three weeks and that’ll be it. With that said, however, it’s not entirely impossible for a miniseries to become a full length series.

8. The BBC Website Has Interactive Activities For The Show

If you were already excited at the news of a show about baby chimps, you’ll be even more excited when you see what the BBC website has in store. In addition to having clips from the show, the website also has quizzes people can take to test their chimp knowledge and also see which kind of baby chimp they are.

9. The Chimps Aren’t Released Back To The ‘Real’ Wild

Each time the Desmonds begin caring for a baby chimp, their goal is to nurse the chimp back to help, teach it how to survive on its own and release it back into the wild. However, during an interview with a Florida news station, the Desmonds revealed that the chimps don’t actually get released back into wild. The chimps are released into a manmade forrest-like habitat.

10. Viewers Will Learn About Chimp Culture

Culture probably isn’t a word that comes to mind when people think of animals, but animals have culture just like humans. For example, chimpanzees that are native to one area may have behaviors and traditions that are different from chimpanzees that are native to another area. While the Desmonds are caring for the baby chimps, they also work to help them preserve their culture.

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