Are We Ever Going To See a Scrooged 2?

Are We Ever Going To See a Scrooged 2?

Are We Ever Going To See a Scrooged 2?

When Bill Murry, Alfre Woodard, and the cast of the 1988 cult classic “Scrooged,” walked the red carpet for their Christmas movie premiere, the world had no idea. We did not know that this movie would be more than just a Christmas movie for the season. It would go on to become one of the biggest, most exciting, most fun Christmas movies of all time. For more than 30 years, television and movie fans would put this movie on their ‘best Christmas movies’ list to watch with the family, to play on repeat on Christmas Day, and to memorize like it’s nothing. No one knew how big it would be, and now we want to know more – will there be another? Is there a chance that we might see yet another Scrooged? A second installment? We don’t know, but we can only hope. Here’s what we do know about a potential second Scrooged at this point.

A Modern Twist on a Holiday Classic

What we love about this movie is that it’s a cult classic because it’s been turned into a story that is a story. It’s a story that was made famous by a classic story called A Christmas Carol, and it’s been made time and time again. This version, however, took a comedian, made it funny, and turned it into a modern-day story that everyone adores. It’s nothing like the stories you’ve seen in the past or even like the stories that make it what it is now. However, it’s a big classic, a huge hit, and it’s something that we all adore watching. Scrooged is the modern-day hit and the funny version of a story that’s nothing short of just sad and almost depressing. Being that it was made in 1988, it might not seem so modern any longer, but it’s a story that is going to last a lifetime. This classic movie is a movie about making a production of A Christmas Carol and turning it on its head. This movie helps us see what modern-day Scrooges look like when they are going out of their own way to make a mess of people’s lives by requiring that they work harder, longer, and without any perks or benefit of the fact that it’s Christmas. It’s worthwhile.

Will There Be a Scrooged Two?

So, here’s the question of the day. Will someone remake this movie and make it a thing? Will someone make a second version of this hit movie and turn it around on everyone? Can we find out, please? Yes, we can find out. In fact, we’ve already found out. We can all look forward to another comedian taking over this movie for an even more modern-day version of the classic, and it’s going to be epic. Kevin Hart himself is the man who is making the new movie, and we can all jump for joy that he’s coming to our Christmas list. However, it will not be a sequel. It seems that Hart has been in talks with studios since 2019 to do a remake. He will not play a new character in a second installment. Rather, he will play Bill Murray’s character in a new version remake of the old movie. At the time that the news broke that this might happen in 2019, fans were thrilled, but we can attest to the fact that there will not be a movie anytime in the near future. Back then, Kevin Hart’s schedule was already full, and the only thing done was that Paramount was looking to remake the movie. There was no writer, no team, and nothing else going on other than the fact that the people in charge want to see Hart in character.

At the moment, we have no new information other than this information that was reported in 2019. However, there are always talks, always stories, and there are always things going on. If he was too busy in 2019 to make the movie, we’ve moved on by two years. The industry was shut down for a few weeks in 2020, but we also think there’s a chance that this might have given people a chance to sit down and do some writing and make some moves. We could be wrong, of course, but there is always a chance that we can see things head off into a new direction with this one. What we do know is that something is in the works, and that we can only look forward to when it finally becomes a reality.

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