Are We Ever Going to See a Meet the Parents 4?

Are We Ever Going to See a Meet the Parents 4?

Are We Ever Going to See a Meet the Parents 4?

Should there really be another Meet the Parents at this point? Right now it feels as though it would need to experience a serious time jump and push forward until the kids were in college, or perhaps even to the point of Samantha and Henry getting ready to be married. Just think of that, it would no longer be just the idea of placing stress on a man asking his fiance’s father for his blessing, it would now include a woman perhaps feeling whatever equivalent amount of stress there might be in asking for a blessing. Of course, with Greg, it’s likely that the pressure wouldn’t be as much, but if Robert De Niro managed to return for such a movie it feels as though things could get kind of comical since if his character is still alive at that point it’s likely that Jack would be a little more protective of Samantha, who likely doesn’t need it judging by how she was played in Little Fockers, and a little more anxious about Henry, who he said had a ‘double dose’ of Focker in him. In other words, Jack would be about the same type of person as he always is, just a little older and a little more cantankerous. But this is assuming that everyone would want to come back and that a storyline could be created that might make sense.

Right now it feels as though the Meet the Parents movies have kind of run their course, but at this point, if anyone’s keeping track then they’ll know that Hollywood is going to squeeze every penny they can from a franchise in order to make sure that they haven’t missed anything. If the movie did get made it’s fair to say that some characters might be written out since we haven’t really seen much of Pam’s sister since the first movie while bringing Owen Wilson back might be kind of interesting since he’s been a bright point in the movies no matter that he didn’t show up until the end of Meet the Fockers. He’s still the type of character that one can’t help but like even if he was used by Jack as a kind of placeholder just in case Greg slipped up along the line, as Jack was likely hoping he would do quite often. But keeping Wilson in the picture could be a big help since he’s one more big name that could possibly make this movie actually work. Apart from that though, getting everyone else back that would make sense for the movie sounds like it would be a huge task, and then casting for Samantha and Henry would have to be taken into consideration, as would casting for anyone else that might need to show up and make the movie work.

To say that Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller have been the bright points in this movie series is kind of laying it on thick. They are the grounding points that the story revolves around, while other stars such as Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Streisand, Owen Wilson, and several others have been the bright points that have made De Niro and Stiller look good and would kind of be needed to make this work. As I stated at the beginning of the article though it does feel as though this story has run its course and should be allowed to simply sit still and be what it is, an amusing trilogy that had a great deal of comedy and enough drama to keep things from tipping to one side or the other. Again though, if there’s anyone in Hollywood that’s ambitious enough to get this done then there’s no doubt that it’s bound to come eventually. It’s kind of a shame that movies such as this aren’t left alone more often since there have been plenty of movies that have been kind of ruined since the studio felt the need to keep going and going and going until they finally managed to create a dud that kind of killed the momentum. When that happens it’s usually best to simply let the movie be, move on, and then if possible come back to it when people have finally forgotten about it or have expressed a desire to see it happen once again. That’s one very frustrating thing about Hollywood at this time, a lot of people don’t feel the need to keep moving forward with new ideas, they simply want to take old ones and build onto them Winchester house-style, meaning there are bound to be a lot of different rooms and passages to nowhere that don’t make a lot of sense.

The hope is that this movie doesn’t happen, but if it does then the hope at that point is that someone realizes that aging up the kids would be a good move and one that might create continued success as the circle closes and the cycle moves on.

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