It Appears that Laura Dern and Baron Davis are a Couple

The gossip about Laura Dern and Baron Davis has begun. It all falls into one of two basic groups: people who are saying “Who cares?” and those who are saying “That’s cute!” So whichever group you happen to fall into, there is something in this blog you will agree with. Sometime these new relationships can be very easy to follow. Who cares?

As much as people like to say they don’t care, the fact that they follow these types of Hollywood relationships shows they are at least interested. No, these people really don’t care, but it often is like slowing up to watch an accident as you are driving 65 down the road. There is an odd curiosity or attraction to the event, even if it is a passing one. Dern is 50 and Davis is 12 years her junior, and the statistical probability is they will part ways sooner than later.

That is the real reason people don’t care. The media acts as if this is the first older woman-younger man rendezvous in the history of man. Both are divorced, though Davis’ is still in the courts but inevitable. He is leaving behind two children, ages 3 and 1, and does not seem inclined to start looking for a new wife anytime soon. His NBA career is painfully winding down, so he is likely seeking freedom on two fronts. Both have not lived up to expectations, and if you didn’t know these basic facts it is evidence you really don’t care. It’s not a bad thing.

As for Dern, she didn’t get married until she was 33, and has a long history of jumping from one relationship to another. She paused long enough to have 2 children, but her obvious interests are lining up the next man. If you don’t know the names of the children, take another bow for not caring. To quote Frank Gallagher, “You’ve let so many men drive up the freeway between your legs you’re going to have to put an exit sign on your vagina.” It’s not that Dern is the only one who this quote can apply to, but that is why people don’t care. It’s as common as people waking up in the morning to check if there are any messages on their phones.

People in this group are romantics, some hopeless. A new relationship is time for new hope that two celebrities can find true happiness the 20th time around. As they say, you never know. People in this group may be cheering for either side: that the chemistry is right or that life can have a happy ending after going through so many failed relationships. It is possible, though the possibility is remote. Some of the romantics like the idea of the interracial angle, while others like the May-December aspect of the hook up.

Romance is not dead, and those who criticize the idea of possibilities are just jaded and jealous. Their lives are far from perfect, and they wish they could be in the shoes of Dern or Davis who have found happiness even if only for a short time. There is nothing wrong with being happy or pursuing happiness. Love finds you and it is usually when you are not looking for it. So be optimistic and hope for the best for these two people. Why hate on them for no reason?

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