10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexandra Billings

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexandra Billings

Alexandra Billings is one of those rare people that care a lot about others and their needs and will actively go out and do something about it. She’s been the kind of individual that gives her time, effort, and support to those in need, particularly transgender individuals that are attempting to find their place in society and those that are afflicted with HIV and AIDS who need to know just what to do and that there is hope for them. She is also a theater actress and has appeared on TV, but her main focus seems to be living a purposeful life and making sure that others are given a fair shot at the same time. She’s been very vocal throughout her career thus far when it comes to the rights of trans individuals and has been pushing or a while now to educate others when it comes to the changes that need to happen in society.

Here are a few other things you probably didn’t know about her.

10. Her father influenced her interest in theater.

Her father was a music teacher and director and managed to interest her in theater and the wonders that came with it. Music is usually a very powerful tool to employ around anyone as it gets the creative juices flowing and inspires many people to express themselves in many different ways.

9. She’s won a number of beauty pageants.

She’s won several pageants and has even been a judge for a time which shows that her word and her judgment is valued among her peers. The titles she holds are pretty impressive and the number she has is doubly so.

8. She is a transgender woman.

It used to be that you would never see a transgender woman openly admit to this but in this day and age people are far more comfortable with who they are than ever before and the inclusion of transgender women has become a much more acceptable practice.

7. She’s had several TV appearances.

While she hasn’t had a long list of appearances she’s managed to make it on TV enough to gain a decent amount of exposure so that people know who she is and what she’s about. Sometimes that’s all that really matters.

6. She’s only the second person to have openly played a transgender character on TV.

You could say that TV audiences aren’t really ready for this yet but that would be a big falsehood that would inevitably lead to many people crying out for a bigger representation of transgender actors such as has already happened.

5. She’s much more prevalent in the theater.

Everyone finds their niche eventually, but it doesn’t mean that they have to stick to it since people can be skilled in one more than one thing at a time. This seems to be where she prefers to ply her skills though as she’s seen in the theater far more often than anywhere else.

4. She’s been the Grand Marshall in a Pride Parade.

This would no doubt be a great honor for anyone that works as hard for transgender individuals as she does and was no doubt a high point of her life at that time. Something such as this would probably stick with a person for a long time as one of the greatest days of their life, if only because it meant that they’d been recognized as being worthy of standing out in a parade that’s meant to celebrate those that have fought for a place in this world.

3. Billings has been living with HIV since the 90s.

You’ve got to remember that HIV isn’t full-blown AIDS, though it’s still nothing to laugh at. She credits her wife for being able to be here for so long and for continuing to do the work that she’s done since her wife and her loved ones have offered her a lot of support through the hard times and have been by her side through everything thus far.

2. She’s a firm activist.

When it comes to HIV, AIDS, and transgender matters she is at the forefront as much as she can be, lending her assistance, her opinion, and anything else she can in order to help those that need it. Billings is definitely the type of person that will give everything in order to make the lives of others a little better.

1. She met her wife when they were both teenagers.

Her wife was 16 when they met and they’ve been together ever since. You can’t help but be impressed and inspired by such a thing since the average marriage seems to be over after a decade these days and people seem to have forgotten what a marriage vow means. Alexandra and Chrisanne however have managed to stay together through thick and thin.

All in all she sounds like a very impressive woman.

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