Aida from Agents of SHIELD Inhuman Powers Explained

Aida from Agents of SHIELD Inhuman Powers Explained

Aida was short for Artificial Intelligent Digital Assistant and she was created by Holden Radcliffe from a defunct S.H.I.E.L.D. program to become one of their operatives. Unfortunately she was corrupted by the Darkhold and eventually turned on the team and imprisoned several of them while attempting to make herself a synthetic human body that would be formed from the technology that was found in the Darkhold. In other words she would be giving up her android body which came with increased toughness and other traits for powers that would be given by the Darkhold. She chose to become a powerful human being, sort of, rather than be an android assistant. This eventually made her one of the toughest enemies that the team ever faced, so tough in fact that Coulson had to take extreme measures just to finish her.

Among the powers that she gained were

Superhuman Strength-as an android she was already incredibly strong. Androids in the MCU are usually pretty durable and able to withstand and deliver massive amounts of punishment since they are typically constructed with some thought of offensive and defensive capabilities in mind. Plus the fact that some of them don’t feel pain is a huge boon since they can go longer, hit harder, and take much more than a regular human can.

Healing Factor-This is one of the things in the MCU that a lot of different people seem to have. The Hulk has one, Wolverine has one, Deadpool has one, other characters have healing factors that are not quite as quick or as effective but are still capable of healing faster than a regular human. Aida was able to heal from just about anything that could be dished out so long as it wasn’t magical since this seemed to be her weakness.

Teleportation-She can transport herself and others when they’re in physical contact with her. This is an Inhuman power that she managed to copy and she used it to great extent. In fact the only thing that stopped her from using this was when she was being held in a containment module. Once the module was disabled she was able to teleport away.

Electrokinesis-This is another Inhuman power since she is able to manipulate electrical energy to the point that she can shoot blasts of electricity from her palms. This power was obviously used to great extent to escape and to wound and even kill those that stood in her way.

Superhuman Reflexes-This is kind of standard in a lot of heroes and villains in the MCU since well-trained reflexes are kind of how a lot of people stay alive and are able to get the drop on enemies from time to time.

As powerful as Aida was however, and he was since she was able to take down the entire team at one point, she still wasn’t quite as used to being human as she should have been since it was still a fairly new experience. She was a loner and believed that her power was enough to keep her from harm and to keep her enemies at bay. With some villains this works since their powers are so insanely strong that they can take on entire teams without much of a struggle and do maximum amounts of damage without breaking a sweat. But Aida, for all that power and all that potential, missed on one very important lesson. The team wasn’t comprised of just a few talented individuals, it’s made up of people that have taken on some of the worst villains in the MCU and have done so by standing together. Even with that however it didn’t seem like it would be enough to defeat her. But when you’re part of a team you do things that don’t make sense at times and tend to take the best option available when there’s nothing left.

So Phil Coulson became host to the Ghost Rider.

That’s right, he welcomed the demon bounty hunter right in and since Aida was made up of dark matte thanks to being created by the Darkhold, her very existence became an insult to a character like the Ghost Rider, whose mission is to hunt down the wicked and make them pay for their sins. It seems like in a movie setting that this would be a little more epic of a fight, but what was shown was still pretty intriguing since a being that couldn’t be hurt by conventional weapons had to have a weakness, and the Ghost Rider is powerful enough that just about anyone he faces would seem like a target rather than a true opponent.

While the Rider isn’t exactly the strongest character in the MCU his command over the hellfire that makes up his being was more than enough to immolate Aida, ending her for good.

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