A “Superhero” Heavy Metal Cover of the Ghostbusters Theme

Ghostbusters Stay Puft

If you take the video as it is then it’s kind of goofy really since one has to ask themselves how the creators came up with the idea to cast Deadpool, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Batman to don the garb of the Ghostbusters and take the direction of a faux Bill Murray figure when it came to finding ghosts. The music itself is great, it brings a new level to the Ghostbuster’s theme that’s impressive and a lot of fun, but it’s kind of easy to see that the budget for this was kept pretty low. Thankfully the low budget doesn’t mean that it’s absolute crap, but instead means that it’s simply something done for fun and worth a good chuckle during the Halloween season. Plus the heavy metal lean is kind of nice since it offers up a new way to enjoy the theme song.

Of course during Halloween the Ghostbusters are going to be mentioned in a big way since the movie has been seen as one of the most iconic pictures that’s ever come around when it comes to the horror genre, even though it wound up being more funny than scary. That seems like it was a pleasing byproduct that made the movie even greater since as Katherine Schaffstall of The Hollywood Reporter would agree it starred a group of individuals that were already well known in show business. Out of the lot of them however it would seem that Bill Murray is one of the biggest stars to still be around and still maintaining his popularity as Harold Ramis unfortunately passed away, Dan Aykroyd is still an icon but has faded in recent years, and Ernie Hudson has been great in his time and is still around but isn’t quite the talent that he was when he played Winston. Rick Moranis retired, which is regrettable despite the fact that he did so for the right reasons, and Sigourney Weaver is really the only main character that’s been going just as strong as Bill Murray for a long time now. Out of the blue that raises a good question though as one has to wonder why an all-female cast in 2016 didn’t see fit to include Weaver in the movie in anything other than a cameo. There are likely a lot of reasons, such as why they did the same to Annie Potts, who could have been another great addition. But hey, the movie was made the way it was made and it crashed pretty hard with a lot of people, not because of the female cast or for any other reason save one: it tried to negate the first two movies that had come along.

That might sound like a weak excuse but in a big way the love for the Ghostbusters was built up honestly and without trying to keep anyone down. Yes it had a male cast, yes the women were those that were helpers or in distress and in need of saving. In fact the only really tough woman on the cast was Gozer and despite almost killing the foursome she didn’t get a lot of screen time. But the main reason why a lot of people would likely say that Ghostbusters 2016 crashed and burned is that it disrespected the first movie in a big way by not trying to build off of it and simply tried to do its own thing. The whole ‘passing of the torch’ moment is so discounted at this point that it would almost seem as though the past that’s essentially built the present and future, for better or worse, is becoming irrelevant. Jeff Rouner of the Houston Press might need another lesson on what makes a movie successful, but he’s got his own opinion as to whether the movie was a flop or not.

There’s a big difference between accepting the mantle that’s already been created and simply casting it aside to do your own thing, and with Ghostbusters it’s likely that accepting the mantle and THEN making it into something different might be preferable since it still uses what was there as a solid base and is a lot more respectful to the franchise as a whole, and is bound to be accepted in a much bigger way by the fans. Some people might be outraged that Ghostbusters 3 seems poised to simply negate Ghostbusters 2016 (ironic, isn’t it?) but the truth is that had the all-female version taken the reins from the original crew things might have been a lot different. There is something to be said for gaining the blessing of those that have pioneered an idea first before adding your own touches to that same idea.

Ghostbusters is one of the many iconic movies and idea that has come along in the last several decades and has helped to change pop culture in such a big way that even speaking the name is bound to start up a conversation with just about anyone since there aren’t a lot of people that don’t know about the movie. In this manner it’s easy to argue that the original group will always be remembered first and foremost, and that anyone who comes after is going to have their work cut out for them when it comes to taking on the mantle of a Ghostbuster.

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