10 Things You Don’t Know About Xolo Mariduena

10 Things You Don’t Know About Xolo Mariduena
10 Things You Don’t Know About Xolo Mariduena

Credit: @xolo_mariduena

There are not many instances in which a remake of a classic hit makes a splash, but Cobra Kai is one of them. The television series that Netflix brought to life is one filled with nostalgia from the original inspiration, but it’s also its own show with serious staying power. Cobra Kai is the ‘after’ story of the Karate Kid movies. Karate Kid was an 80s icon, and no one thought it would make it in the 2020s as its own show, but here we were. Now it’s a household name, millions watch the show, and the cast is doing their own thing. Xolo Mariduena is one of the show’s new stars, and we want to learn as much about the Cobra Kai actor as we can.

1. Xolo Mariduena Was Not Alive When Karate Kid Was Filmed

Karate Kid is an 80s classic, and Xolo Mariduena wasn’t even born until the 2000s. He is an indirect part of a film franchise that was created two decades before his own birth, and he works it. The young actor is only 21 as of 2022. He was born on June 9, 2001, in Los Angeles.

2. He’s the Only Boy in His Family

While we don’t know too much about Xolo Mariduena’s family, we do know that he is one of five kids. he is the only boy in the bunch. He has four sisters, though we are unsure where he falls into the mix with his sisters. What we do know about having that many girls in the house are that he likely doesn’t get much time in the bathroom.

3. He Began His Career as a Model

Before Xolo Mariduena was an actor making movies and television shows, he was a model. This might blow your mind, too, considering his age. Sears is a store that was huge in the 80s and 90s but went out of business in the new millennium. He not only modeled for Sears, but he modeled for their catalog. It’s like a magazine specifically for the store people could order items form by mail, and he was a model for it.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Xolo Mariduena

Credit: @xolo_mariduena

4. Cobra Kai is Not His First Television Role

In fact, it’s not even the most famous show he’s been part of. He was part of the Parenthood cast, and we all know how big Parenthood was. As a guest star, he began his role as Victor Graham in season three. However, he became part of the main cast beginning in season four and continued that role through the end of season six.

5. He is Filming His First Movie

Xolo Mariduena is not a movie star – yet. He’s been on television since his role in Parenthood began in 2012 (when he was 11), but now he’s going to be a movie star. Xolo’s filming the movie Blue Beetle, which is part of the DC Comics universe. He’s the Blue Beetle, as well as his alternate personality, which is Jamie Reyes. This film premieres in 2023.

6. Xolo Mariduena is Making History with Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is a superhero from a comic book series, which makes him well-known to many people across the world. Xolo Mariduena, however, is making history that will change the comic book movie game forever. He is the first Hispanic superhero to star in this film universe.

7. He’s So Excited About his Role in Blue Beetle

When asked about playing the Blue Beetle/Jamie Reyes role, this is what he had to say about it. “The only thing on my mind right now is that he’s Latino. I have so much pride in getting to be part of this project. I think it’s important, and I don’t want to stand on the soapbox for too long, but representation is so important.” His pride in this film is contagious.

8. Talent is a Family Trait

He is not the first person in his family to work in the entertainment business. His mother hosts a radio show, and his father is a music producer. They all work in the entertainment industry. Unsurprisingly, he decided to take a chance on the business himself.

9. He’s in a Good Place

Xolo Mariduena cannot complain about his life, and he doesn’t. He gets to do what he loves, makes major strides in the film industry, and hangs out with his family. His family, we should point out, that he is super close to. He is close to his four sisters and his mother and father, and it’s obvious to us that they are the most important people in his life.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Xolo Mariduena

Credit: @xolo_mariduena

10. He’s Mostly Goofy

If you ask him to describe himself, he’s going to tell you he’s just a goofy guy. He doesn’t feel like he’s in his 20s yet and doesn’t feel like he takes things too seriously. He’s thankful for all he’s accomplished and what he’s done, and he’s quick to point out he does everything for his family. He’s a good young man, and it shows.

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