10 Things You Don’t Know About Saoirse Ronan

10 Things You Don’t Know About Saoirse Ronan
10 Things You Don’t Know About Saoirse Ronan

Credit: Brooklyn

Saoirse Ronan is only 28, and that blows the minds of so many of her fans. She’s been in the business for so long that it is often difficult to remember she’s so young. She’s been acting since 2003, which means she entering her 20th year as a star. Being 28 with two decades of experience as an actress is mind-boggling, but her talent makes it seems so easy for her. She’s been around a long time, but we think it’s time to share a few things about the beautiful young actress you did not already know.

1. Saoirse Ronan is Irish

But she was not born in Ireland. Many of her fans assume she was born in Ireland thanks to her name and so many other aspects of her life, but she was born in America. She was born in New York City, to be precise. She was born on April 12, 1994.

2. Her Parents Are From Dublin

Both her mother and her father resided in Dublin prior to moving to America. Her father worked odd jobs when she was younger as he worked on becoming an actor. He was both a bartender and a construction worker. On the flip side, Ronan’s mother was a child actor who decided to go into the nannying business when she was an adult.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Saoirse Ronan

Credit: Brooklyn

3. She Didn’t Live in New York for Long

She was born in New York, but she didn’t stay long. Her family went back to Ireland with their daughter when Ronan was three. Her parents were always undocumented while living in the states. They fled Ireland in a recession, but their financial status was not much better in New York City. They decided to go home with their daughter as a toddler.

4. She Questioned Her Faith

Being Irish, it’s easy to assume she was a devout Catholic. She was Catholic in terms of how she was raised. Her mother and father were devout, and they did raise Saoirse Ronan the same way. However, as a child, she wasn’t sure about her faith. She found herself questioning so much of it, and her questions left her with doubts and a lasting impact on her religious upbringing.

5. She Doesn’t Use Social Media

She’s a woman after our own hearts. Ronan is in her 20s and doesn’t use social media at all. She’s not upset about that, either. She tried out Twitter for a moment, but she deleted her account shortly after opening it. She’s much happier about it, too. She merely lives her life at the moment without bothering much with the internet.

6. She Does Not Care for Self-Promotion

When she was speaking once about social media and her desire not to use it, she had a lot of opinions. She was quick to say that it’s a wonderful resource for people who are in the public eye in terms of creating music and even journalism, but not for acting. “I’m not me in anything that anyone sees me in…and self-promotion has always made me feel really uncomfortable,” she said.

7. She Doubts Herself

She’s 28, and she’s been nominated for Academy Awards for her acting skills on more than one occasion. You might assume she’s filled with confidence, but she is not. Saoirse Ronan doubts herself in every role she plays. She’s always unsure if her performance is what she wants it to be, and she is never entirely happy with it. She’s all of us.

8. She Was Sad After Her First Movie

She was only nine when she acted for the first time, and she remembers being very sad following the end of filming. Rather than being excited her work was finished, and something wonderful was happening, she was focused on the fact that she would never again work with that cast and crew. She may work with one or two of them here and there but never all together again. That made her sad, and she had to find a way to work through that.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Saoirse Ronan

Credit: Brooklyn

9. Saoirse Ronan Finds Acting Very Intimate

For a very public job, she feels it is a very intimate one. She knows that what she is doing is going into her own mind and showing a piece of herself to people that they will never see again. She often feels that there are moments when she is alone on the set, and it is just her and a camera, and she feels the moments are so intimate.

10. Her Seriousness Keeps Her Private

She takes her roles seriously, and it is her own opinion that this way of living makes it difficult for her to have time for much else. So, she’s private. She does choose to be private, but she also feels a little like she doesn’t have that much going on outside work because she’s so focused on work. So, this means she’s a woman who hasn’t much going on to share with the world – and she is not upset by that.

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