10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Young and the Restless’ Hunter Haley King

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Young and the Restless’ Hunter Haley King

Young and the Restless fans are big fans of the very devious and very bad Summer. She’s been around a time or two, and she most recently showed up in Genoa City with a lot of hatred for her mother, Phyllis. It’s led her to decide to try and seduce her mother’s boyfriend to make him her own, all while being in love with Kyle Abbott. She’s a big mess, but the actress who plays here is not. Hunter King is someone who has her life together at the tender age of 24, and she’s someone we want to know more about.

1. She Changed Her Stage Name

When she first began acting, she was known as Haley King. It’s her middle name, but she’s decided that she wants nothing to do with the name anymore, and she’d like to go by her given name, which is Hunter. She’s Hunter Haley King.

2. She Has Two Sisters

She’s the middle sister, which we know means she’s probably the coolest sister. Middle kids (and second kids) are always the coolest, aren’t they? She has an older sister named Kelli and a younger sister by the name of Joey.

3. She’s Engaged

In August 2018, she said yes! Her boyfriend of two years asked her to be his wife, and she said yes. His name is Nico Svoboda, and we have no idea if and when they are going to announce their wedding day, if they even have one, or what their plan is to get married.

4. She’s Been On A Lot of Shows

She’s not a one-hit wonder. She’s a woman who has been on many shows. She’s been on Roswell, Hannah Montana, and Workaholics. She’s made her rounds, and she’s someone who always has a good time and plays a great role when she’s on a show.

5. She Didn’t Audition for the Role

She was given the role of Summer back in 2012 without an audition. Producer Jill Farren-Phelps had worked with her before, and she called her and asked her if she wanted to do the job, and she said yes. She began her career as Summer two days later.

6. She’s the Reason Michael Muhney Was Fired

Michael Muhney was Adam Newman for a long time, and then he was fired from the show for what he says are false accusations and malicious rumors that are not true. She accused him of groping her and fondling her twice on separate occasions, and she filed a formal report at work. She told the show that either he was let go or she went to the police to file a police report. He was let go.

7. She’s Got A Primetime Role, Too

She’s a contract actress with YTR right now because she also has a primetime role. She’s a leading character in the hit show “Life in Pieces” on which she began as a guest. She was moved up to a regular cast member by the second season.

8. She’s Acted Forever

She’s been in theater, plays, and television most of her life. She really does like what she does, and she is a fan of it. She’s been on the air for a long time, and it’s made her quite famous.

9. She’s From California

She was born there. She always lived there, and she still lives there. She was born in Ventura County, and she’s been there most of her life. She’s in LA now so that she can work, and she’s a fan of where she lives. It’s a great place.

10. She’s An Emmy Winner

When she was cast as Summer, she was good. She was nominated for a lot of different awards during her time on the show, and she was given a chance to become someone who had a lot of success. She did that, and she also made it her mission to do well. She was nominated for an Emmy in 2013, but she didn’t win. She did, however, win the award when she was nominated the following year. She won against some serious talent, which only goes to show how good she is at what she does on television. She’s very talented, and it shows based on her awards and recognition.

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