10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nicole Kidman

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nicole Kidman

With a career spanning almost 40 years, Nicole Kidman has long been one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood, starring in movies such as Paddington, Moulin Rouge!, Batman Forever, and Aquaman. Despite her long career, there is no sign that Nicole Kidman is looking to wind down soon, so let’s discuss some interesting facts about her life and career. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Nicole Kidman.

10. Nicole Kidman Is A Hawaiian Native

Nicole Kidman and Mother Hawaii NicoleKidman

credit: @NicoleKidman

Nicole Kidman’s Australian accent is one of her most defining qualities. Fans might be shocked that she was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her Australian parents, Antony David Kidman, a biochemist, and Janelle Ann Kidman, a nursing educator, welcomed her into the world in 1967. When Nicole was a baby, her parents moved to Washington, D.C., but when she was three years old, they returned to Australia, where she spent most of her childhood. She is currently a dual citizen.

9. She Dropped Out Of High School

Nicole Kidman With Sister Young NicoleKidman

credit: @NicoleKidman

Even at a young age, Nicole Kidman was no stranger to the stage and performing, having begun ballet at a young age and acting in many of her school’s performances. As the years progressed, Nicole took on a few more severe parts as an adolescent while mainly concentrating on acting. She frequently went to the Philip Street Theater to hone her skills further. Nicole dropped out of high school to focus on acting, which paid off for her. 


8. She’s A Trail Blazer

At least at the time of her acting debut, there weren’t too many Australian actors breaking into Hollywood, leading to Nicole Kidman becoming a trailblazer. Some of her accomplishments include being the first Australian actress to win the Best Actress Oscar in 2003 for her leading role in The Hours and being nominated on three other occasions. Even today, after a nearly 40-year career, Nicole Kidman is still one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. 

7. She Represents The UN

Nicole Kidman UN

credit: @UN_Women

Nicole Kidman is a fantastic actress, mother, and wife, in addition to being an activist. Nicole was named a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2006 for her efforts to promote women’s human rights globally. She stated in an interview, “I have met women who had to overcome great challenges yet went on to assist others and organize to bring about social change. These women, in my opinion, represent resiliency, strength, dignity, and hope.”

6. Nicole Kidman Has Four Children

Kidman fans will recall Nicole Kidman’s first marriage to Tom Cruise. The two couple separated in 2001, eleven years after their 1990 wedding, and blamed their split on personal and professional differences. Connor Cruise, a son, and Isabella Jane Cruise, a daughter, were two of the couple’s adopted kids they raised as a family. Soon after their split, she married Keith Urban, with whom she had two more children, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban and Faith Margaret Kidman Urban. 

5. She Got Hurt During The Filming Of Moulin Rouge

Nicole Kidman Moulin Rouge

credit: 20th Century Fox

During Moulin Rouge’s production, Nicole cracked two ribs and hurt her knee while practicing a dance routine. Many of her parts, including the one where she delivers the line, “A true actress!” had to be filmed just showing the upper half of her body because she used a wheelchair for part of the filming. 

4. She’s Self-Taught

Nicole Kidman Horse Riding

credit: @NicoleKidman

Throughout her nearly 40-year career, Nicole Kidman has played numerous roles in movies and often teaches herself how to perform tasks in preparation for her role. To prepare for her role in Paddington, she learned a variety of abilities, including how to twirl, throw knives, and even take a taxidermy class. She acquired camel riding skills for the movie Queen of the Desert. She also taught herself to sing for her role in Moulin Rouge! and Happy Feet. Nicole also taught herself to become a right-handed writer despite being naturally left-handed.

3. She’s Against Botox

Nicole Kidman Pool

credit: @NicoleKidman

Nicole Kidman is not only adamant that she has never had Botox and has no intention of getting any in the future, but she is also outspokenly opposed to it. Instead, Nicole Kidman focuses on keeping her face looking youthful through skincare techniques and products. 

2. Nicole Kidman Is An Author

Nicole Kidman Reading

credit: @NicoleKidman

Nicole is a gifted writer in addition to being an actor. She enjoys writing short stories in her free time and aspires to publish them in the future. According to Nicole, “My parents thought it was good to encourage the growth of my imagination, but they never sincerely believed that anything would result from it. My father urged me to explore a profession in journalism because I had such wonderful writing talents.”

1. She Is Terrified Of Butterflies

Nicole Kidman Omega Butterfly

credit: OMEGA

Everyone has a fear in life; for Nicole Kidman, it is butterflies. She has admitted that she despises their propensity for flying in swarms and flapping their wings. Despite this strange phobia, she agreed to be in an Omega Butterfly commercial, where she overcame her fears by standing in front of paper butterflies. She is also renowned for being incredibly timid. She has somewhat outgrown it now that she is older, but she still feels uncomfortable going to a party alone or entering a crowded restaurant.

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