10 Things You Didn’t Know About Billie Eilish

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Billie Eilish
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Billie Eilish

Credit: @billieeilish

Billie Eilish has served in the music industry since she was a kid. She is very popular because of her pop music and styling sense. Many teenagers enjoy her music because they are the ones who suffer the most from mental health nowadays.

Usually, the settings and themes of her songs are sad, depressed, and dark, making the youth listen and relate to her music more. You must be eager to know what you don’t know about Billie Eilish. Let’s break into those things.

Billie Sang Professionally at the Age of 8

This sounds weird – how can an 8-year-old kid sing professionally? These are old news. She sang her first song at the Los Angeles children’s choir. This ultimately shows how supportive her family was. The singer is inspired by Justin Bieber, who too started with music relatively young. Check out his latest songs and why he’s a musical prodigy.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Billie Eilish

Credit: @billieeilish

She wrote Her First Song at 11

Billie was very inspired by the AMC show The Walking Dead, and the concept of it is observed in her first ever written song, Fingers Crossed.

Loves Horror Movies

This is understandable – everyone can agree that the themes mostly found in music videos of Billie Eilish are dark and sad, which somehow reflects the taste in horror movies or a depressed soul. If horror movies and shows appeal to you, too, here’s a horror review awaiting your read!

Got Into Music by Accident

Billie planned to become a dancer. She had been working hard practicing for hours and hours and never really thought about singing. The idea occurred to her when her dancing tutor asked her to try singing along, and there it clicked: she could be a better singer than a dancer.

Suffering From Tourette’s Syndrome

Everyone has some medical illness – some of us figure it out earlier, while others do later. In 2018, Billie was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, and social media was filled with trolls and memes about her illness. The artist explained that she is comfortable with this syndrome. She also added that the memes created were funny.

Obsessed With Sneakers

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Billie Eilish

Credit: @billieeilish

If you’re someone who loves sneakers, join the club! Of course, her true fans know this, but maybe a few would have skipped her hobby. She is obsessed with sneakers; most of her instead, almost every video of her wearing sneakers, and it is also said that she has a closet of sneakers.

Her Fashion Sense Has Its Style

Although she wears designer and expensive clothes at award shows, like other singers and actresses, her style is more casual and unique. It includes oversized baggy clothes with sneakers and lots of accessories. Only she could pull this off!

Billie Eilish Did Vocals For Hollywood Movies

One may wonder why a well-known singer, who earns a reasonable amount, needs to do such jobs. However, this happened before Billie earned the top singer’s place. Everyone has struggled with a complicated past. That’s why they are seen shining today. She was no different.

Billie Eilish worked for extra income, and no doubt this job polished her; today, she is refined and undefeatable. She had given her voice to a handful of Hollywood movies to give a jumpstart to her career in days when she was struggling as a musician.

Some of Her Tracks Ended Up in Controversies

Fans were angry when they saw some of her tracks used in the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, not just in one episode but also in the second episode, which upset her audience. The tracks were used because they suited the setting of the show as it was suicidal, sad, and mental illness-related. Billie was also criticized for lending her music, as fans valued it highly.

She Hates People Smiling at Her

Nobody likes people smiling at them intentionally for long as it looks creepy and odd. Billie also doesn’t like it. People used to smile at her because of her illness of Tourette’s syndrome, which would make her feel down and flawed. So she shared in an interview that when people and fans smile at her with love and affection, it gives her courage, and when the opposite happens, she feels powerless, discouraged, and weak. No doubt fame comes with its fair share of problems.

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