10 Things You Never Knew about “Casablanca”

10 Things You Never Knew about “Casablanca”

10 Things You Never Knew about “Casablanca”

Amazingly, Casablanca wasn’t expected to be much of anything by those involved with it. After all, it was one of the many films being pushed forth by Hollywood at that time, albeit one with an A-list cast and a great story that could be easily developed. But Casablanca would eventually go on to win three Academy awards and become a legendary film that people still talk about to this day. In fact it’s been used a model for many films and even TV shows in many different ways that are easy to recognize. It’s interesting how some films that get little to no real attention are the ones that eventually become something that people prize later on.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of history. Shameless I know, but it had to be done.

10. One of the scenes pulled real emotions from the cast.

When Marseillaise is being sung over Watch On The Rhine, the tears you see in the eyes are very real since a good number of them were refugees from German persecution.

9. Madonna wanted to do a remake.

She wanted to bring Aston Kutcher into it as well but was denied by every studio she tried. The film was deemed untouchable by all of them.

8. Many of the actors that played Nazis were German Jews.

I kind of wonder how hard this must have been to step into the role of those that persecuted their people.

7. Rick’s Cafe was built for the movie.

It was one of the only sets built for the movie, all the others were taken from a back lot to be used again.

6. The script was sent to a bunch of studios under its original name and no one could recognize it.

This was in 1980’s and it was sent as Everbody Comes to Ricks. No one recognized it for what it was and most didn’t think it was anything special.

5. The chess game that Bogart was playing in the movie was a real game.

He was playing with a friend via mail. Just imagine that, playing chess with someone over the many miles by mailing each other each move.

4. The letters of transit were not real.

Such things did not exist. They were used as a plot device and thankfully were never challenged by anyone that might have known better.

3. Humphrey Bogart had to wear platform shoes.

He had to wear these on account of the height discrepancy between him and Bergman. Otherwise the effect might not have worked.

2. Bogart and Bergman barely spoke outside the movie.

This was kind of odd since Bogart’s wife accused him of having an affair with Bergman more than once, which infuriated him. In truth he and Bergman rarely spoke.

1. There was never a reason why Rick couldn’t return to America.

It took a while for the creators of the film to really come to the conclusion that they didn’t really need to come up with a reason. People did that all on their own.

For not being given that much of a chance in the opinion poll this movie did very well overall.

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