Yes, Agatha Harkness Needs a Solo Movie or TV Show

Yes, Agatha Harkness Needs a Solo Movie or TV Show

So who is Agatha Harkness? Well, as many people that have been watching WandaVision on Disney+ might have already guessed, she’s a powerful witch that has never really been under Wanda’s control, but it does appear that she might be a villain. That would be a change of pace since in all her time in Marvel comics she’s been less of a villain than a curious character that has often done her own thing but been there to interact with the heroes. She’s often done more good in the Marvel universe than evil, but she does things in her own way so it’s fair to say that she’s a bit edgier than many heroes, and seeing her as the villain in WandaVision is kind of easy since her reveal makes it look as though she’s a diabolical individual that’s been manipulating Wanda the whole time, which she has been. But if she’s truly the villain then it would appear that the show might be setting Agatha and Wanda up to be a mentor and student duo or adversaries since in the comics, it was seen at one point that Wanda was the person who ended Agatha’s life. How Disney plans to spin this is hard to say, but one thing is very clear, it would be nice to see an origin story for Agatha since she’s been around for quite some time, long enough to have seen Atlantis in all its glory and to see it fall. 

In terms of magical might, Agatha is one of the more powerful magic users in the Marvel universe, and her methods and motives are often hard to figure out, but considering that she doesn’t do a lot of damage to those that don’t deserve it in the comics it feels easy to think that unless something else is going on in WandaVision, she might not be the villain. If she ever did get an origin story it would be nice to see it travel back in time to when she was just getting started, and perhaps jump through the years to highlight certain events that might better explain just who she is, what she can do, and how she came by her abilities. It might even do to remind people that she’s rubbed shoulders with a few different heroes in her time, among them the Fantastic Four. This would be another great way to solidify the super-powered family in the MCU, and it would be another way to interact with Doctor Strange and a few other characters since Agatha has been off in the shadows a few times when major happenings have occurred. Despite being an impressive character though she’s not usually as visible as she could be given what she’s able to do. There’s not much doubt that her story would be interesting, but it might be that she’ll need to establish herself a bit more in order to really shine as a solitary character since as of now a lot of people are anxiously awaiting the next episode of WandaVision to see what’s going to happen. 

She could bring a little more history to the MCU since the Marvel universe does have a very rich history that stretches back to the time of creation, and quite a few characters that are ancient and have been around for a while. Agatha is one of those that doesn’t always stick her nose into the business of others, but when she does it’s for a pretty good reason as people tend to find out. But as one of the longer-lived individuals in the Marvel universe, she’s also one of the most low-key since she doesn’t just come racing to the rescue all the time and she’s not bound to help people unless they really need it or she’s in the mood. So far, the reveal in WandaVision is leaving a lot of people believing the worst since she’s obviously been deceiving Wanda in the eyes of so many and has been orchestrating a giant hoax that has allowed Wanda to think that she’s in control when in reality she’s been dancing to a tune she can’t even hear. But whether Agatha really means her any harm or not is hard to say at the moment since it does feel as though things are heating up, but perhaps not exactly in a way that people are expecting. Fans of the comic book version of Agatha might want to believe that something else is going on, and it could be that they’re right. But one thing that’s clear is that if an Agatha Harkness show did come along a lot of people might be enticed to watch for a while just to see what it might offer. If nothing else, it would be another dip into history on behalf of the MCU. 

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