Yellowstone: ‘Keep The Wolves Close’-Recap

Yellowstone: ‘Keep The Wolves Close’-Recap

Yellowstone: ‘Keep The Wolves Close’-Recap

If you haven’t watched the latest episode of Yellowstone there are plenty of spoilers coming, and it’s looking as though things are only going to get worse for the Dutton family, but in ways that will at least allow them to fight back in a way that they understand, and their opponents might not be able to match. There are a few upsides to this episode, potentially, since it would appear that John Dutton is getting a bit lonely in the main lodge all by himself. While he imparts the idea to Beth that the lodge was built to house the entire Dutton clan, Beth is adamant that he ask Rip, rather than use her as an intermediary, which makes sense. It would mean more coming from John if he were to ask Rip to move himself and Beth, and Carter no less, to the main lodge. It would appear that Beth still has a soft spot for Carter, as does Rip, who’s seen teaching the boy a few things, while Beth makes a deal with Carter that he follow what she says if he wants a better life. Hey, it’s better than sleeping in the barn, trying to stay warm, and wondering if he’s going to be kicked out at any moment. 

But it doesn’t appear that it will be an easy decision for Rip, who’s been so adamant about telling Carter that he’ll never deserve a chance that he might still believe it in his own case. But things appear to be progressing at the moment at least, and that’s something. As far as Kayce, Monica, and Tate are concerned, they have their own place, and yet, Monica continues to be kind of an annoyance as she continues to needle Kayce about his decision to help a ‘pouty-lipped’ woman that happens to be in love with him it’s revealed. As much as she’s meant to be Kayce’s wife and a decent person, there are times when it feels as though Monica is one of the weakest links in the entire story, as this sudden need to question her husband’s fidelity is a bit irritating, even when keeping in mind that it’s a story. As far as Tate goes, he appears to be doing better and is becoming more of a non-entity in the story at the moment. 

Out of all the Dutton kids, Kayce is actually the most tortured at the moment, if only because he’s not as conniving as Jamie, and he’s definitely not as aggressive as Beth, who takes the time to talk to Summer after seeing her protesting a shop, letting her know that there are plans for a second airport to be built in the valley, something that might be worth protesting. When life throws protestors in your line of sight, give them something worth protesting, right? Beth, who is at this time being questioned about her loyalty by Market Equities, has been proving that she knows how to turn a bad situation to her advantage. Using those she despises to at least trouble those that are threatening her family’s legacy is a fairly smart move since the protestors unless they’re willing to cross the line and turn violent, aren’t going to be anything other than annoyance, but this gets them out of the way, while at the same inconveniencing Market Equities for just a little longer. 

When the news comes down that the governor of Montana is running for a senate seat, her decision to back Jamie Dutton, something that his father, Garret Randle, desperately wants, is quickly blocked as the governor decides to back John Dutton instead, figuring that he’s what’s best for the state since he’ll stand in the way of those that want to erase what has taken well over a century to preserve. The vindictive way that Beth tells Jamie that this is just the beginning definitely means that there’s going to be a fight and that Garrett will be doing whatever he can to eliminate the Duttons, even if it leads to his demise. Things have hit a rather serious note at this point, even more so than before, and it’s everything we can do to wait for each coming episode now as things continue to push forward. 

On a more positive note, Lloyd, who looked ready to purchase a firearm, likely surprised a lot of people when he traded in one of his buckles for a new guitar that he gave to Walker, a peace offering to finally settle things, hopefully for good. The fact that Walker accepted it and even played Lloyd a song makes one feel all warm inside, but it’s likely that the two won’t ever be best friends. Jimmy, on the other hand, is finding out what it takes to be a cowboy in a lot of different ways, as having to hold a stallion’s member to ‘milk’ the horse, thankfully in a large leather sleeve, was likely something he didn’t think was going to happen. But on the plus side, the woman that was giving directions did ask him out on a date. So there are pluses to go with the minuses. And before I forget, the return of Teeter to the bunkhouse, even though she and Laramie were only kicked out the episode before, was an emotional and happy reunion. 

Jamie Dutton

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