Will We Ever See Dwayne Johnson as President?

Will We Ever See Dwayne Johnson as President?

Will We Ever See Dwayne Johnson as President?

After the last two presidents, not including Biden at this point, it feels as though accepting someone like Dwayne Johnson into the highest office in the country wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to be entirely honest. In fact, it might be that he’s one of the best names to consider for the title since right now a lot of people are still looking at the current POTUS and wondering how in the world anyone felt that Biden was a fit choice for office. Of course, there are a lot of reasons, most of them personal, that could be given for this, but considering Johnson for the role of president, in real life, not in a movie or TV show, might be preferable since he’s been all about the people in one way or another for much of his career. The former WWE star turned actor has been a heel, a face, and a hero to many folks around the world for the things he’s said, done, and believed in for a while now. Saying that he should be president is still bound to make some folks uncertain, but it feels like a breath of fresh air at least. 

To be fair, there are a few people from either party that did sound as though they might be decent candidates during the last election, but things were so bogged down between Donald Trump and Joe Biden that sooner or later people were either pushed out or they left on their own rather than fight the uphill battle. Most people know that Johnson can talk a good game, and there’s no doubt that he’s an intelligent man, and he’s also much younger than either the current or former president, meaning that he might have a different way of looking at things. But if the people are wanting him to run, then he might actually make it happen. 

He does have the charisma and the natural charm to make this happen, but where he’s likely to be attacked is when it comes to his various policies on world issues and events and many other ideas that a lot of us might not know enough about. One could argue that Biden and Trump faltered in their own time as well, but the counter to that is the fact that the American people have become so divided that it’s more about catering to pockets of humanity than a nation united in one or more goals. That’s part of what Johnson would be forced to work with, since the different interests in this country have existed for quite a while, and despite the fact that it’s possible to service several of them and keep them happy, there’s always going to be someone that’s not pleased and will strive to discredit whatever a sitting president is up to. A raise of the eyebrow or his imposing stare wouldn’t be enough to change things around if he did become president, and it’s fair to say that he knows this and wouldn’t be falling back on any of his old tricks that riled the people up during his wrestling years. It would still be amusing to think that there would be plenty of cartoons and depictions of how people would like to see Johnson deal with America’s enemies and detractors. Just imagine Johnson performing the Rock Bottom to a hated dictator and you might get a laugh. 

The fact is that he did say he would run if the people wanted him to, and the feeling isn’t quite as muddled as some might want to claim since outside the ring and off-screen, Johnson is actually a very easy person to like since he’s not so pumped up with attitude as his characters have been in the past and he’s a rather reasonable individual. But what he knows about running the country is still in debate since he’s never held a position in the government so far as anyone knows and this makes him a big outlier. This would also be what his opponents would point out during a campaign since it would be a big strike against him in the minds of several people given that walking into a job like this, and yes, the presidency is a job, without any training or experience beforehand would be, in the minds of many, a setup for failure.  One thing that Johnson does know how to do without any question though is to get and keep the attention of the people, and he’s done this with and without his wrestling persona taking over more than once, and the fun fact is that people have listened. So there is a bright spot in a possible presidential run if Johnson decides to make a go of it. There’s no doubt that there are a lot of people pulling for this to happen. 

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