Why Marvel’s Vision Deserves a Solo Movie

Why Marvel’s Vision Deserves a Solo Movie

Why Marvel’s Vision Deserves a Solo Movie

Creating a solo movie for the Vision, who might be able to field it without too much help, would be difficult simply because in the MCU it does feel as though he’s been left for dead and isn’t coming back. But then again there’s a good indication the death isn’t the last stop in the MCU unless of course the actor’s contract is up and they’re moving on. Whether Paul Bettany would come back or not is also the question since the effort of getting into the costume can’t be all that fun, especially given that it has to take a while to suit up. But on top of that, the fact that Vision wasn’t even given an attempt to come back in Endgame was kind of telling. So unless someone was willing to take his inert body and do something with it, this character almost feels as though he was scrapped at the end of Infinity War, despite the idea for WandaVision on Disney+. In the comics, the Vision was usually bound up pretty tightly with the Avengers and didn’t always go off on his own. It’s not that he couldn’t take on his own movie, but there is the drawback of having to find a way to bring him back or having to pick a moment in the past that might make sense, and then getting other actors from the MCU to possibly offer their services for a cameo, or permission to use their images.

Some folks might actually state that Vision doesn’t need a solo movie, that he’d be just fine being a part of something else that has to do with another character or with a group, but seeing him on his own might be kind of interesting, especially if it had to do with Vision realizing his place in the world and how he feels about it. After all, he wasn’t technically ‘born’ until Age of Ultron, and despite the vast stores of knowledge that he possesses, he’s still very much a newbie to the world around him when it comes to having his own form and his own desires. After having been Tony Stark’s personal assistant for so long it’s liberating and likely confusing in some ways to interact with a world that’s no longer observed from afar. Imagine being stuck on the internet for so long without human interaction apart from emails, texts, and social media, and then being told to go integrate with your fellow human beings for a while. It would be a little disorienting at first, to say the least, but it would also be a new experience, which is what Vision went through in Age of Ultron and everything moving forward. The fact that he was killed by Thanos in Infinity War feels like a very poor way to treat the character since there was so much more to Vision than what we’ve been shown.

The fact that he was able to wield Mjolnir without any difficulty is something that a few people would have liked to see discussed in the movies, to be honest, but it was treated as kind of a humorous moment and then left alone. Then there’s the romance with Wanda that people would love to know more about since this is from the comics and it’s something that has defined these two characters for quite some time. A lot of people rightly guessed that Wanda and Vision would get together since like it or not, trying to keep them apart would have been a huge mistake. But maybe we’ll see more of the Vision in the future, though it’s likely that his personality and his memories will have been altered or scrapped since Thanos wasn’t exactly gentle when ripping the gem out of his forehead. But with Shuri now the ruler of Wakanda, as is likely to happen, and the MCU still in need of heroes, and Wanda still being present, maybe it’s time to bring the Vision back and have him make the long and arduous journey back to who he was, and back to Wanda as a lot of people might like to see. Think of it, a movie that shows Shuri and her people helping to bring Vision back to life, and a storyline that has Vision attempting to remember who he was, who he is, and why he should care about any of those that had a hand in helping to make him who he was. It might even work in an arc for Tony Stark since after all, he did create Vision in the MCU as JARVIS and he did rely on JARVIS for quite a while before JARVIS became Vision. It would be an interesting story, to say the least since it would transcend more than one movie in the process.

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