Why Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America Sequel Is a Better Version

Why Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America Sequel Is a Better Version
Coming to America

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While most film sequels serve no purpose these days, some have come to change the narrative by being the better version than the first release. For example, Eddie Murphy proves in the film Coming 2 America, which can be streamed on Amazon Prime, that comedians can maintain their comedic value despite changes in cultural standards and higher expectations from society. However, the second release was within our expectations because it was more like a repetition of the first movie. 

The sequel of Coming 2 America is appreciated due to its upgrade fitting in this 21st century.

If you’ve watched the 1988 comedy film, you might be interested in how the authors update some crude and controversial humor to suit well for the 2021 sequel. Here, Eddie Murphy plays an African prince who plans to go to New York to get a wife who will later become his queen. Barry W. Blaustein, Kenya Barris, and David Sheffield wrote the script for the second installment, while Craig Brewer directed the movie. The movie is honest about its flaws while offering solutions to appease even the most critical audience members.

You might be meeting some spoilers shortly!

Eddie Murphy

credit: Coming 2 America

While spoilers aren’t necessary, it’s good you see why its sequel differs from the first.

The story begins with a predicament. Since Akeem’s father, portrayed by James Earl Jones, has not yet passed away, Akeem is still the prince of Zamunda. The fact that Akeem does not have any sons is a source of disappointment for the monarch, who stipulates that only males are eligible to succeed to the throne (he does, however, have three daughters, of which KiKi Layne portrays the eldest, Meeka). An encounter 33 years ago between Akeem and Leslie Jones’ character, Mary, resulted in the birth of Akeem’s son Lavelle. Before they start hooking up, Mary gives the prince some cannabis, which might be considered a non-consensual behavior. After that, Murphy and Semmi (Arsenio Hall) had to return to Queens searching for the to-be prince of Zamunda Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler). However, the search didn’t take long after he was caught on the way selling tickets, and that was how King Akeem introduced himself to Lavelle; after that, they went home to see Mary, Uncle Reem, and other close associates, who had been with him since he was little.

Making Lavelle adapt to the palace lifestyle was never easy, not to mention making him a prince, but victory at last!

To help introduce the new prince to palace life, Mary, Akeem, Semmi, and Lavelle return to Zamunda. In a royalty treatment, Lavelle tells his mother, “I’m freaked out because three girls offered to bathe me,” his first royal bath. According to Zamunda tradition, this is supposed to be Lavelle’s first royal bathe. But, on the other hand, his mum replied, “We are currently in a different nation, which has a variety of distinctive cultural practices. You must adjust!”. After Lavelle has left, a handsome and powerful man emerges from Mary’s bathtub after bathing her.

Why Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America Sequel Is a Better Version

credit: Coming 2 America

Glad to see that barbershop shop once again after 33 years; the humor in that shop alone will make you crack up.

Through the use of the , Coming 2 America demonstrates to its viewers that it has grown up since the late 1980s. In the previous film, Morris, Clarence, Sweets, and Saul were all elderly characters, yet, Murphy and Hall, who portray those roles, don’t appear to have grown old that much in the past three decades, which is a remarkable genetic achievement. In addition, although they may not appear to be a significant difference, their political views have evolved to the point where they can recognize offensive humor.

Coming 2 America had a lot of criticism from other directors, but the audience still finds it captivating. 

It’s up to you to judge whether the lines are hilarious, but I found the situation educational since it shows how older adults sometimes resist change. The use of humor is not always politically correct. They are not without hope, but they could improve their awareness of who they are. When the guy getting his haircut makes jokes about “those hungry infants with flies on their faces,” the other men in the room start laughing. The movie writers try to educate younger audiences that just because something is a tradition does not mean it must always be done the same way. The video demonstrates adaptability and intellectual growth, which is a positive. Meeka, who Layne portrays, is incensed by the fact that Lavelle, a male, was crowned king. The film’s final part celebrates Meek’s rightful place in the line of inheritance while showcasing Akeem’s growth in this area of awareness.

Why Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America Sequel Is a Better Version

credit: Coming 2 America

Not a 100% perfect sequel because there was still repetition of some jokes which wasn’t relevant.

Even though the filmmakers put forth a lot of effort to make the movie relevant to today’s audiences, several scenes didn’t work. Murphy had come a long way from delivering anti-gay jokes (he has since called them “ignorant”), but a trans joke included in the film serves no purpose that is important to the tale. Nevertheless, coming 2 America is entertaining despite its severe political flaws. Murphy’s picture Trading Places, released in 1983, is also mentioned. If Coming 2 America is going to live up to the greatness of its predecessor, only time will tell. The subsequent 33 years were not in vain.Leslie Jones’Coming 2 America

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