Which “New Girl” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “New Girl” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “New Girl” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Nearly 4 years after its series finale ended, New Girl is still a favorite with many fans on Netflix. The Zooey Deschanel-led sitcom revolves around a young woman and her three male roommates. Heavily lauded for its progressive and topical voice, its no wonder New Girl is such a popular title on Netflix. So which character represents your sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Schmidt

Aries, at your core, you’re high energy. Like Schmidt, you tend to follow your heart before your brain has time to catch up; and you have a tendency towards romantic ideals. You’re extremely devoted to the people you love, but you’re always looking out for #1 (yourself). We’re never bored around you; with an endless well of energy and passion to draw from. If you navigate your own self-importance, Aries, you can reach a higher level of self-understanding.

Taurus – Coach

Above all, Taurus, you’re the consistent and reliable tree trunk that holds many things in place. Like Coach, you can blend in-between the background and the foreground; effortlessly switching between main character and supporting character energy. People sometimes don’t give you the laurels you deserve for all the work you do, because you just seem so happy and put-together. We admire your hustle, Taurus.

Gemini – Winston

Winston is a classic Gemini. Your sign is notorious for being indecisive and aloof; traits Winston possesses in spades. You’re a fun-lover, who values their own personal freedom and emotional independence. You have an inclination towards immaturity and flakiness, but that’s just a manifestation of your air sign ideals. You’re pretty quick on your feet, always available for a sarcastic or funny comment. Don’t take things too seriously, Gemini; it can be a waste of your energy.

Cancer – Nick

The self-deprecating and existential nature of Nick reflect what your sign has always known, Cancer; hard work is hard and people are just big kids who require varying degrees of care. You have an aversion to vulnerability, but that’s only because you’re a very emotional water sign; it’s easier for you to compartmentalize than it is to address problems sometimes. Don’t let people take you for the run around, Cancer; not every person is to be trusted.

Leo – Cece

Queen Cece is such a perfect Leo. Like you, she takes great pride in her appearance and the image she projects onto the people around her. You’re not always concerned with being the most authentic version of yourself; opting for the ‘ideal’ version of you for most situations. Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable with the people closest to you, and find the most authentic version of you. Self-acceptance is the key to self-esteem, Leo.

Virgo – Reagan

Logically motivated and hard-working, Reagan represents your sign well, Virgo. She’s always on top of her responsibilities; perpetually balancing 50 things at once. You’re a master of prioritizing and organizing, with the ability to discern what is and isn’t important at any given moment. Change can be a really difficult transition for you, but if you give yourself patience and space, you’ll often come out more self-aware than before.

Libra – Paul

Libra, your ability to deal with any person or situation is something the rest of us admire. You roll with the changes, and don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re a great listener, and often have sage wisdom for the people you love. As an air sign, you don’t value vulnerability as much as you should, which can keep others at arms’ length. Don’t forget to prioritize your feelings sometimes, Libra; you often feel more than you let others know about.

Scorpio – Ferguson

Winston’s loyal cat is definitely a Scorpio. Ferguson is always there for Winston, with an air of mystery and past lives that keeps everyone guessing. You’re an enigma, Scorpio, and we can never truly nail you down to one predictable pattern. You value adventure, wanting to keep things exciting and fresh. You’re a loyal friend until the very end; the original ‘ride or die’ bestie. Make sure to watch out for yourself, Scorpio; others can take advantage of your loyalty.

Sagittarius – Sam

Life is fun for you, Sag. You don’t take things too seriously, and you don’t let yourself get caught up in the small stuff. Like Sam, you’re naturally charming and charismatic; the best socializer of the zodiac. You fear commitment, and don’t really want to be tied down to any one person, place, or thing. You’re notorious for your humor and ability to give, but you’re pretty famous for being flaky when times get tough. Don’t be afraid to stick it out, Sag.

Capricorn – Aly

It makes sense that you’re the baddie Aly, Capricorn. You have a high regard for rules and regulations; with the inability to embrace change as well as your peers. You’re analytical and methodical, often finding leadership positions a natural fit. You can be bossy in a bad way, but typically you’re an agreeable party (when approached with logic and facts). Keep bossing, Capricorn; we bow to your work ethic!

Aquarius – Ruth

Aptly named after the iconic Supreme Court Justice RBG, Ruth gives me big Aquarius energy. She’s highly intelligent for her age, and she’s a rebel at heart. Like you, she’s got an inclination towards progressiveness and humanitarian efforts. You’re not afraid to embrace the things that make you unique; even when others might not understand. Keep marching to the beat of your own drum, Aquarius, and you’ll never be led astray.

Pisces – Jess

You’re sensitive in nature, Pisces. While emotions might be difficult for you to navigate, you’re the most empathetic of us all; it’s important you confront those feelings. Like Jess, you’re a natural caregiver; unafraid to make up unconventional solutions or manage awkward situations. You’re optimistic and idealistic, even if that can get you into trouble. You’d rather give the benefit of the doubt, Pisces; but don’t let that cloud your sage judgement.

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