Whatever Happened to Mackenzie Rosman?

If you recognize Mackenzie Rosman it’s likely because you watched 7th Heaven and got to watch her as Ruthie Camden for a while. She’s been fairly prominent in TV, starring in a few shows, a few movies, and several commercials. Throughout her career thus far she’s kind of come and gone but a lot of people have no trouble recognizing her since she’s managed to keep a steady profile. Aside from being a big lover of horses and being a competitive equestrian show jumper she’s also been heavily into fundraising for cystic fibrosis and has a stepsister that had to deal with CF for quite some time. Mackenzie is also into educating people about organ donation so that those with CF can have a better chance at a normal life.

She’s been deemed as one of those who are believed to be willing and ready to change the world and from what she’s done and been involved in within her life thus far it seems that this might be the case. She has also been involved in a foundation that helps abused children, furthering the idea that she is all about helping those in need and making the world a better place for everyone to live in. Many celebrities join foundations and donate and it’s been seen thus far as a positive thing that allows many people with various diseases, disorders, and that come from less than adequate background and homes to succeed where they might not have otherwise. Thus far in life Mackenzie has devoted herself not only to her acting but to the betterment of others as well. That says a lot about a person when they’re willing to look beyond their own life and try to help those that are forced to go without at times.

She’s still managed to keep up on an acting career as well however, though so far her acting credits haven’t really managed to build up all that much. If anything it almost seems as though she’s been selective in what she’s done and is attempting to go at her own pace. There’s nothing wrong with that since it does allow for a lot more down time and moments in which a person can breathe and relax so as not to overtax themselves.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

The show is pretty much what it sounds like and follows the lives of several teenagers as it goes into their daily lives and the kind of struggles they have to get through in order to coexist and get through each passing day. It was fairly well-received by many audience members and Mackenzie was a part of it for four episodes. It was so loved in fact that it actually beat out Gossip Girl during the season one finale and managed to win an award later on.

Ghost Shark

Shark films have definitely been on the rise throughout the last decade and there’s been no shortage of ideas that have come up regarding them no matter how silly or outlandish they get. In this film the spirit of a great white shark rises due to the paranormal qualities of the underwater cave that its mutilated and slain body falls into. From that point on the ghost shark is able to come forth wherever there’s the tiniest bit of water, be it a bucket, a hose, or just water on the ground. The spectral shark can ignore pretty much anything so long as it can remain wet and have another water source to go towards. This means that the nearby community close to its resting place is not in the least bit safe since humans happen to need water to survive and to do many other things. But the many different death scenes that the ghost shark is responsible for are simply too much to be believed as the shock value of this movie goes overboard and into the red without pausing to take a breath. Mackenzie is the lead character in this movie and the one that has to figure out just how to lay the ghost shark to rest. It might not be a high point of her career but it was something to do it seems like, a project to keep her busy and get her paid. Hey, whatever works.

So to be honest she’s been busy but she’s also been doing her best to help others throughout the years as well, giving a great deal of her time and effort to help raise funds and awareness for those causes she’s decided to champion. That happens to say a lot about her character and what she values and in all honesty it shows that she’s a very caring young woman that has managed to devote her life to something worthwhile.

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