What We Learned from the First Trailer of Morbius

What We Learned from the First Trailer of Morbius

What we’ve learned so far from the Morbius trailer is that it looks as though it could be something of a thriller and it does appear to have ties leading in to Spider-Man, though why anyone would think that it has to do with Tobey Maguire’s version is hard to imagine given that the picture of Spider-Man that Morbius is seen to walk past has MURDERER written across it, which is a clear tie to Far From Home when Mysterio’s contingency plan took effect. The other very obvious fact that it’s going to tie into the Spider-Man movies is that Michael Keaton does make an appearance and it’s likely that he’s still playing the character of the Vulture, aka Adrian Toomes. And if those points weren’t solid enough Morbius did appear as a villain first and foremost in Spider-Man back in the 70s. For a long time Morbius has been kind of a troubling character that’s gained prominence now and again only to slip past the notice of many later on as other characters have been pushed forward. In fact it’s a wonder why he didn’t gain a great deal of attention when Blade came out in the 90s considering that the two characters have worked together in the past. But since source material is picked apart and used in many different ways these days it’s not hard to think of just why we’re seeing Morbius now as opposed to earlier. Oscar Gonzalez of CNet has more to offer on this matter.

What’s also apparent though is that the movie will be dialing back on Morbius’ looks since in the comics he was a rather ugly individual to begin with thanks to his rare blood condition that led to his eventual discovery of how to ‘cure’ himself. This time around it appears that despite looking weakened and definitely in need of something to cure his malady, Leto will be keeping his looks unblemished, at least until he changes into the living vampire version of his character. Morbius is kind of an odd individual in that his powers mimic those of a legendary vampire, as he can heal quickly, has to survive on blood, is supernaturally strong, agile, quick, and has senses beyond what a human is capable of, and is even sensitive to light. But that’s about where it ends. He can move about in sunlight, but his powers will be greatly diminished for duration he remains in the light, and he does need a fair amount of blood to sustain his life and maintain his powers. In other words his pseudo-vampiric state isn’t perfect and does need to be maintained, but when he’s at his peak Morbius is the type of character that can go toe to toe with Spider-Man and give the webslinger a pretty good fight.

Looking at the trailer though this is going to be a very moral-driven movie considering that Morbius is a biologist that is bound by every legal and moral principle that those in the fields of scientific study have to abide by. The last chance that he takes to cure his condition is where he crosses the line as we hear him say that it’s not entirely legal, which usually translates to something not being legal at all. But for an individual that’s looking for a cure that might give him a new lease on life some things tend to fall into the realm of feasibility a little easier when time is slipping away without any reprieve in sight. Thus far it does look as though this role will be played with a lot more reserve than Leto showed in Suicide Squad as the Joker, but it could be that unlike the clown prince of crime Morbius was never a truly maniacal character given that he had a steady motivation for his activities that was fairly reasonable despite the fact that the methods he took were less than acceptable. He was a scientist looking for a cure for his own ailing body and in the process took the remedy much too far and had to find a way to sate his own urges as he swiftly became the villain. If anyone remembers though, Morbius did become a type of hero at some point, albeit a misunderstood and very anti version of one since he still had to have blood to survive.

It will be very interesting to see how this story develops and see what we’re missing thus far from the trailer since this movie is undoubtedly going to be a part of the Spider-verse and will no doubt lead into something else as it sounds like Sony is really attempting to stoke the interest that they might be trying to move away from the MCU when it comes to Spider-Man. How that will play out has yet to be seen, but it’s going to be a fight, that much is for certain. Bradley Russell from Games Radar has more to say about the subject.

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