Watch This Trio of Musicians Entertain Passengers During a Flight Delay

Watch This Trio of Musicians Entertain Passengers During a Flight Delay

Watch This Trio of Musicians Entertain Passengers During a Flight Delay

It’s not hard to hear bad news these days since it’s around every corner and tends to stick around far longer than people would want, but there are those times when someone might come along or have an idea that might brighten the mood of the people and ease the tension that builds so easily. When a flight was delayed at Newcastle Airport for two hours a group of Irish musicians that had been in town for a music festival decided to cheer up their fellow passengers by breaking into an impromptu song that had even the most jaded individuals tapping their feet to the beat in no time. The overall feeling in the airport was likely still just a bit tense for a while, but this idea to break into song likely alleviated a good deal of it since music has that ability, and it’s thankful that this is so since otherwise, one has to wonder what music would be for save for some folks to get filthy rich for one reason or another. But the effect the music had on this crowd, while not entirely inclusive, was still impressive enough as the camera pans around to show people participating by lifting their voices in song now and then. 

A lot of us have been stuck in an airport at least once in our lives for a pretty good amount of time, and it’s fair to say that it’s a boring place to be even if there’s plenty to do and see. The idea of an airport is to check-in, spend whatever time is needed to get to the gate you need, and then, if there’s time, perhaps wander about and see what’s around. In some airports there’s more function than form, meaning there might not be as much to see, and even if there is, there’s only so much time needed to see the majority of it. But all the same, the function of an airport is to ferry people as quickly and as efficiently as possible from one place to another. It’s kind of hard to do that when unexpected delays come along and make those transitions a little harder. 

Thankfully there are people that can read a room and at least give it a try when it comes to easing tension and giving people a reason to smile. That was the case here and it’s likely that several of those in the room breathed easier for a while since getting into the music would be such an easy thing to do, especially with the type of music being played. A lot of people have called American music a bit out of touch and even the ‘cookie cutter’ variety, and they’re not entirely wrong. America still has plenty of genres that are uplifting and can get a great deal of positive attention, but compared to music such as this it’s kind of hard to compare pop with this and keep a straight face. From the sound and style to the tempo, this song is a great deal of fun since it kind of encourages people to join in and just have fun with it. 

This same thing has happened in America a few times as well with old but favored songs, as a man of color sitting on a bench belted out the lyrics to Bon Jovi’s song Livin’ on a Prayer at one point, and most of those that were in the park for an even joined in for a few lines when he did so. Music is great in that it can bind people together for a moment, it can create a good feeling that people don’t want to lose, and it can definitely ease a great deal of tension if it’s applied in a way that gets people to participate and forget just for a few minutes at least the world around them in order to fully experience the music as it should be experienced. Simply being here would have been worth it, just to sit and enjoy the music as it came belting out without the need for speakers or amplifiers. It’s fair to say that after the music was over and done with people were still remembering that they had to wait for a bit, but it sounds as though a lot of people were grateful for this performance. 

It’s not something that everyone can do obviously but it’s still fun to think that there are people out there who will gladly seek to cheer so many people up in such a manner. There were a lot of happy people that were ready to comment on this performance, and the majority of them were glad to have their minds taken off their shared moment of irritation. Once again, music is one of those things in life that includes everyone, not just those that appreciate it. 

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