This Video Explains How a Combination Lock Works

The explanation of how to make a combination lock and ensure that it works is not an exciting one but it is fairly interesting. How some people seem to get these things so easily is amazing but then realizing that this is how their mind works is even more so. On the opposite side of that I’ve had people wonder how writing comes so easily so everything seems to even out. But this, this is something that in my younger years was interesting only in terms of how the locks worked to pick them open, whereas now the interior dynamic is something far more interesting than I’d ever realized.

For instance, this guy walks through this like its no big deal, creating a lock as though he’s done it thousands of times. I kind of believe he might have listening to him go on and one about the thing like this. That’s impressive really even though part of me is a little envious since I would love to be as capable as this in a shop environment. But locks have only ever been seen as a challenge to open, not something to fully understand. The inner workings of this thing however seem very simple, it’s the process of making it that seems very involved and hard to figure out. Each little piece has to be cut out, sanded, measured, then possibly sanded again in order to fit as it should. This guy’s measurements are pretty exact and there’s not a lot of room for error in this device. Thinking about metal locks now it makes a lot of sense why so many of them are so secure.

The inner workings of a free-hanging lock seem complex if you don’t know any better, but upon looking inside you can see that it’s just a bunch of individual pieces working as a single unit. Locks that are built into surfaces however seem like they’d be a lot more complex since they have to protect a much larger surface and thereby be something far more difficult to figure out. A high school locker might not be that complex, and it’s obvious they’re not always built for strength since it doesn’t take much to pull them open. But locks that are built to last such as heavy duty safes and other items seem as though they would be mazes of strange and unknowable gears and other devices that would be accessible only to someone that knows what they’re doing.

This wooden construction is something that a high school student might make and yet I can fully admit that it would task me like nothing else. The industrious nature that goes into making locks is something that a lot of people don’t possess, and yet to some it makes perfect sense. I have a new and profound respect for locksmiths after watching this video, particularly those that work in metals and are very well trained at what they do. That kind of innovation and creative spark is a useful talent.

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