Five Things You Didn’t Know about Queen of the South

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Queen of the South

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Queen of the South

When people think about drug cartels and their ruthless leaders, the image of hard nose men come to mind, and while most cartels are run by men, there are have been a number of women who have run some of the most ruthless drug cartels in history. The Queen of the South is a television series that chronicles the story of a young girl who fights to free herself from the grasp of one of Mexico’s most ruthless cartels. This young girl ends up in America where she ultimately becomes one of its most infamous drug lords. The show’s star, Alice Braga, who plays Teresa Mendoza in the show, is now stranger to the screen. Action fans are probably familiar with her.
While Alice already has a fanbase, and the show is garnering a lot of attention, there are a number of things that you don’t know about Alice and the show.

1. Alice Braga is Brazilian

Alice is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which explains her magnificent body and gorgeous complexion. It is hard to argue that some of the most beautiful women in the world come from Brazil, and this particular region is known for its beautiful women. Alice admits to being very obsessed with taking care of her body, and that mindset has served her well.

2. The Show Has Real Life Inspirations

While The Queen of the South is based on the novel, La Reina del Sur, a large part of the backdrop of the show is based on real-life characters and stories, which gives it a definite edge. The show’s executive producer, David Friendly, said that he came across the novel about three years ago, and he knew that he had to find a way to transition that story to the screen. Telemundo had already run a 63-epidsode Spanish version, but they did not own the English rights, which had to be acquired from the author.

3. Alice Braga Has Acting in Her Blood

While Braga may seem to be somewhat of a newcomer to the America audience, she has done a number of films in her native Brazil, where she has achieved wide-reaching acclaim for her work. Well, it turns out that her acting ability comes naturally. Both, her mother, Ana Braga, and her aunt, Sonia Braga, are actresses. It turns out that Alice would go to their movies sets with them when she was a little girl, so acting is literally coursing through her veins.

4. Peter Gadiot

While Peter Gadiot does an exceptional job of playing his role of James Valdez, a person of Mexican origin, who is one of the Teresa’s closest allies in the United States, Gadiot is not even from the western hemisphere. He was actually born in the United Kingdom, of all places. The British invasion continues.

5. Peter Gadiot is an Engaged Activist

It is easy to become consumed with the idea of the lavished lifestyles that most actors and celebrities, but many of these actors are very active in charities, and so is Peter Gadiot is very active in fighting slavery and human trafficking. He has done things like row across the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean to Africa, in order to bring attention to the problem.

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