Tracey Morgan Heckles Jimmy Fallon as He Sings “River of Dreams”

Tracy Morgan heckling anyone would make for kind of a rough night it seems, but Jimmy Fallon pushes through as he sings River of Dreams and doesn’t falter that much. To be honest the attempt at heckling was kind of clunky and didn’t come off all that amusing as Tracy Morgan’s comedies usually do. Something seems to indicate that Morgan needs a backup in his attempt to be funny sometimes, as he’s not the standalone comic that some other folks are. Of course you could argue that Fallon is kind of the same way. They’re both funny, but they’re a lot funnier when they’re with someone there to help them out.

Some comics are like that it seems, they’re plenty funny on their own but when they have support their comedy just gets that much better. Morgan and Fallon however might strike some people’s funny bones but they’re not really the same kind of comedy as some consider to be great. Comedy though is very subjective since it’s all dependent on what a person finds amusing. Jimmy Fallon’s show is always fun to watch but there are times when the comedy is a little odd if you’re not so into Fallon as opposed to other comedians. He does a great job and runs a very entertaining show but the man himself is kind of different with his comedy at times, as though he’s trying to keep everything high-brow but isn’t afraid to go lowbrow. Again, it’s all a matter of what a person thinks is amusing.

Morgan on the other hand can be hilarious and so outlandish that you might think that’s just his natural personality. But at times it’s almost as though he’s just shouting whatever comes to mind and expecting it to be funny because of who he is. A lot of comedians have done this kind of improv in the past, but the timing and delivery are kind of off when Morgan does it sometimes. The laughter seems more polite than raucous when he gets going sometimes, as though the audience doesn’t want to hurt his feelings but are still somewhat amused. It could be that he’s just so different and out there with his bits that people don’t know how to react to him, but his timing seems a little off at times, as though he’s having trouble keeping up now and again. That makes the comedy kind of stop and start it would seem, creating a gap in there that isn’t really wanted or desired, but is there anyway.

Comedy has changed a lot since the 60’s and 70’s, and has been evolving along with the new talent that are now becoming the old talent, much as it’s happened throughout history. There have always been those that seem to need people for their act, and those moments when the comedy falls flat. Both are among the many hazards that occur in any comedy skit, and can be remedied or pushed through. Otherwise the comedian just needs to get some new material.

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