Tori Spelling: From Silver Spoon to Financial Troubles and Marital Issues

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Tori Spelling should have a picture-perfect life. She was born on May 16, 1973, to Candy Spelling and Aaron Spelling. Her father, as the world knows, is the late film producer and major Hollywood star. He was the man responsible for shows such as Charlie’s Angels, 90210, Melrose Place, 7th Heaven, The Love Boat, and more. He was one of the most prolific, wealthiest, and most famous men in the world, and Tori Spelling is his daughter – his only daughter. She was born into wealth and fame, yet she’s living in 2022 with two failed marriages, five kids, and a paltry net worth of only $1.5 million. Sadly, she and her mother were estranged at the time of her father’s death in 2006, and as the executor of her late husband’s estate, Candy Spelling left her daughter less than $1 million. Tori Spelling’s life has not gone as planned.

The Tried and True Tale of Two Married People Who Meet One Another and Fall in Love

Tori Spelling had everything going for her. She was an actress on the hit show Beverly Hills, 90210, and she was going places. Everything in her life was going well. She met a man by the name of Charlie Shahnaian in 2002. They were married in 2004, but their marriage lasted less than a year. Her first husband was vocal about the fact that Candy Spelling did not like him. She was unkind to him and refused to give him the time of day. Her daughter married him regardless.

However, in 2005, Tori Spelling did the thing that so many do (and by so many, we are thinking of people such as LeeAnn Rimes and her own husband, who also have virtually the same story). She was working on a movie in Canada. The movie was a made-for-television type for the Lifetime Network called Mind Over Murder. Spelling co-starred in the movie with a relatively unknown actor by the name of Dean McDermott. He wasn’t unknown in that he wasn’t successful and working, but he wasn’t a famous actor that people pined over or who was cast in major roles.

Spelling was married. McDermott was married (to his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace). They met, fell for one another, and began an affair in 2005. They both decided to leave their spouses and get divorced and were married less than a year later. More the point, they were married less than a month after Spelling’s own divorce was finalized in the spring of 2006.

Credit: @torispelling

Their Marriage and Their Family

The world didn’t take too kindly to their marriage. It’s always news when someone cheats on their spouse, but most take it in stride, considering their affair ended in a way that seemed as if they were soulmates making the right decision. They got married, and they went on to welcome five children into their home. They are the proud parents of three boys and two girls, and McDermott is also the proud father of a son born in 1998 during his first marriage.

The Downfall of Their Marriage

There is an old saying that a leopard (or some other jungle cat) doesn’t change its spots, and that might be true of Dean McDermott. He cheated on his wife with his second wife, and he cheated on his second wife with another woman. The news broke in 2013, only seven years into their marriage (and many kids), that McDermott was cheating on his wife with another woman. The couple then chose to go through their marital issues on television in their own reality series. They were already having financial issues, and they needed the money.

The couple seemed to be on good terms after that. They did seem to go through some rough patches, but they were back on track and seemed happier than ever. However, in 2021, the actress admitted on a radio show that she and her husband no longer share a bedroom and were working on a marital separation. It’s been reported that both are very unhappy, but they chose to work things out and stick together for the sake of their five children. However, it’s also been reported they are working on a divorce at this point in time (December 2022) though no one has confirmed or denied these rumors.

Credit: @torispelling

In Conclusion

Despite being born with a proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, Tori Spelling’s life appears to be nothing like a fairytale. She’s the daughter of one of the most successful and wealthiest men in the world, and she’s still in financial trouble. She’s dealing with a second failed marriage, a fragile relationship with her own mother, and so much more. She is a classic example of the old saying that money does not buy happiness. Though we truly do wish her and her family the best. Life tends to bring unfortunate circumstances to many. Sadly, hers are played out repeatedly in the media thanks to her last name.

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