The Top Uses of Jacques Offenbach’s “Galop Infernal” in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Jacques Offenbach’s “Galop Infernal” in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Jacques Offenbach’s “Galop Infernal” in Movies or TV

It’s amusing to think that Jacques Offenbach’s piece Galop Infernal was considered to be scandalous during its time when now it’s considered something quite whimsical and pleasant. Those were different times I suppose and what was considered risque back then is in this time considered quite comical and light compared to some of the other music of the time. In fact I think I’ve heard this tune performed in a number of cartoons and movies that have gone on to entertain children and become quite well known for their appealing soundtrack. I wonder how the folks from that time would react to this.

Of course everything we do now would likely be seen as scandalous to people from that time.

5. Dance Moms

It’s not a bad thing to want your daughter to perform and be the best she can be but this show has been highly questionable when it comes to how the dancers are treated and how the moms react to their daughters. Just watching a few minutes of the behind the scenes motions that mothers and the instructors go through is enough to think that I would never put a young girl in this position.

4. Moulin Rouge

It’s kind of hard to think of this as a love story from the outset until you watch it and guess correctly that the smitten Christian is just crazy enough to defy a duke and try to take a cabaret dancer as his love. Unfortunately the tragedy of this story is that Satine is bound to perish eventually and her love with Christian will end before it’s truly begun. Thankfully they had least had the moments they shared.

3. Robin Hood: Men In Tights

As parodies go this one was pretty funny and it was mild-mannered in many ways despite the fact that Mel Brooks has no real problem injecting moments of levity concerning race that some people might have an issue with. The best part of any Brooks film though is that you can laugh and not feel guilty since he’s not really all that picky about who he parodies. As far as he’s concerned everyone’s fair game, and that tends to make it a little more acceptable.

2. The Little Mermaid

Ah poor Sebastian. He goes running after Ariel when she’s in trouble and then he becomes the one that needs the help. The little crab isn’t all that helpless though since he learns how to improvise and how to get along on his own. The chef that comes racing after him with knives and eventually a mallet is obviously a little unhinged and kind of gets what’s coming to him for being this volatile.

1. Saints Row IV

Saints Row is kind of like a 3rd person shooter game on steroids. You don’t just go around doing what you want and shooting up anything you please, you also get elected as the president of the United States, stop an alien invasion, and for the most part just have the run of the place. That’s a lot to put into one game.

It’s still hard to see how this song is scandalous.

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