10 Intriguing Facts About ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Schwartz

10 Intriguing Facts About ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Schwartz

10 Intriguing Facts About ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz, a Minnesota native, is an actor and television personality best known for his role in the reality series ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ a spin-off of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ He has also appeared in ‘The Playboy Morning Show’ and ‘Summer House.’ Married to fellow ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast member Katie Maloney-Schwarz, Tom has gained celebrity status in recent years. However, there’s still much to learn about this talented individual. Here are 10 fascinating facts about Tom Schwartz that you probably didn’t know.

1. Medicine Was Once His Career Path

Before becoming a reality TV star and actor, Tom Schwartz considered pursuing a career in medicine. He attended Florida State University, where he studied Pre-Med, according to Fame10. Although he always wanted to be an actor, he doubted his chances of success and decided to enroll in university. However, after experiencing the excitement of being on set while modeling for commercial print campaigns, he decided to give acting a shot.

2. Modeling is Another Talent of His

In addition to acting and television, Tom Schwartz is also a model. He began his modeling career as a teenager, with his first job being a back-to-back fashion show at the Mall of America. After moving to Los Angeles, he took on various jobs, including bartending and catering, while searching for modeling work. Eventually, he landed some impressive commercial print gigs and appeared in several commercials after signing with reputable agencies.

3. A Wine Connoisseur at Heart

Before entering the entertainment industry, Schwartz worked in the wine and spirits business for several years, developing a passion for quality wines. He hopes to return to the industry in the future, but not on a full-time basis, as he enjoys being a television personality. Instead, he aspires to become an ambassador for wine and spirits businesses.

4. A Gambling Enthusiast

Tom Schwartz is an avid poker player and self-proclaimed big-time gambler. Poker is his favorite hobby, but he also enjoys roulette and craps. He loves participating in these activities with his family, always aiming for the win.

5. A Devoted Animal Rights Advocate

According to Bustle, Tom Schwartz is passionate about animal rights. He has supported numerous animal rights fundraisers and efforts to stop the Yulin Dog Festival. Schwartz has also used his social media presence to promote the ‘a is for animal’ campaign, a clothing line that raises money for various animal rights charities.

6. Best Friends with Tom Sandoval

Tom Schwartz is best friends with fellow ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast member Tom Sandoval. When Schwartz first moved to Los Angeles, Sandoval was one of his first friends. In addition to attending events featured on ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ they spend most of their free time together and have even shared spa days on social media.

7. Eclectic Music Taste

Schwartz is a music lover with diverse tastes. He is a fan of The Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley, as well as both Kanye West and Taylor Swift. His appreciation for various genres and eras of music is evident on his social media pages.

8. A Surprising Junk Food Lover

Despite his fit physique, Tom Schwartz is a fan of junk food. His all-time favorite food is pizza, which he has described as a sexual experience and his go-to meal after a night of drinking. He also enjoys sugar-coated fruit gummies, often posting about them on Instagram. It’s a wonder he maintains his appearance with his junk food habits.

9. An Occasional Eyeliner Wearer

In an interview, Tom Schwartz revealed a secret: he occasionally wears eyeliner, not just for on-camera appearances but also in his daily life. Perhaps it’s because the eyeliner enhances his already striking eyes.

10. A Social Media Star

Tom Schwartz’s celebrity status has earned him a large social media following. On Twitter, he has over 263 thousand followers, regularly posting about his lifestyle and work, including photos with his wife and best friends. His Instagram account boasts even more followers, with over 824 thousand fans. He frequently shares photos of his professional activities and leisure time with Katie and their friends.

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