It’s Time for a “The Incredible Hulk” TV Revival and Here’s How it Should go Down

It’s Time for a “The Incredible Hulk” TV Revival and Here’s How it Should go Down

Remember back to your childhood when Dr. Bruce Banner would say “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry?”  His eyes would start to glow green and then you’d hear the ripping of fabric as he suddenly turned from the small, harmless doctor into the humongous, rage-driven creature that was, THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Oh yeah, the memories of this show are so profound that just thinking about it makes me remember all the days I spent watching one episode after another when they came. I can even recall that they brought Thor in at one point, but in truth he was kind of a poor knockoff of the Asgardian both in the way he looked and the way he acted. But it didn’t matter, your favorite green goliath was able to stomp pretty much anyone that came along with only a few people that were ever capable of giving him any trouble.

Hulk is strongest there is! And for that reason, here’s why we need a reboot for TV.

The films haven’t really done a lot of justice to his back story yet.

Forget the Bana era and forget the super-ripped, psychotic-looking Hulk we got from Edward Norton. Mark Ruffalo has actually put in a solid performance but we still haven’t gotten a really good look at just why the Hulk is the way he is. The film with Eric Bana attempted this but it was a very poor rendition of the reason why Banner is so repressed. There is a great chance in a TV series to explore Banner’s life and what has led him to this point. Plus, it will explain just why he is always angry, no matter if he shows it or not.

The Hulk has enemies aplenty that can be easily transferred to TV. 

There aren’t a lot of villains that Hulk hasn’t taken on at some point and time. He’s battled extraterrestrial creatures and beings, and even taken on gods at certain points. A fight between any powerhouse and the Hulk would be something that fans would love to see. The Abomination and the Absorbing Man would be awesome villains that could be adapted to TV very easily. Each battle scene would be an epic moment in TV that fans would likely be talking about for weeks.

He’d need to be allowed a more adult rating than ever before. 

With the fact that Logan finally achieved an R rating in the theaters it seems reasonable that the Hulk would garner a much more adult rating on TV. He was never the model of good manners or even a role model. The Hulk was an angry rage-monster that just wanted to be left alone, and for much of his initial run he didn’t really care if his rampages hurt anyone that happened to be around. Like Logan he’s not the most careful character, but unlike Logan he’s far more destructive when he gets angry.

The chances for a superhero appearance in TV would be great. 

The Hulk was rarely ever left alone like he wanted, which meant that superheroes had to be brought in to either try and deal with him or put him down. If certain studios could grant permission or even take on the Hulk as their own project it’d be a chance to see our favorite heroes on TV once again, or at least faithful renderings of them. Think how the ratings would jump then.

The Hulk is getting better in the movies, but with the advent of more and more superheroes coming to TV, we need to see the green Goliath come roaring back for an action-packed series.


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