Tim Allen’s Santa Clause and Other Top Family Christmas Movies

Tim Allen’s Santa Clause and Other Top Family Christmas Movies
Tim Allen’s Santa Clause and Other Top Family Christmas Movies

Credit: The Santa Clause

Tis’ the season of family fun and enjoyment. One of the most enjoyable family activities around the holiday season includes fitting in all the family Christmas movies. Is there anything more relaxing than a Sunday evening at home, the lights twinkling from the trees, a mug of hot cocoa in hand, and a fire blazing? Only if you’re also watching a Christmas movie. It puts the entire family in the Christmas spirit, and it also helps us all focus on the little moments with our families. If you find yourself wondering which family movies to add to the list this year, we can automatically suggest Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause – and its subsequent movies – but what else?

Tim Allen’s Santa Clause Movies

We’re lumping them all together here because we really only love the first one – but we do think others love the rest. Tim Allen’s Santa is one of the better Santas, and we love that it’s also a comedy of epic proportions. This family movie is a good time for kids thanks to the smallest star of the show, as well as the elves, the reindeer, and the humor. Tim Allen’s Santa humor is everything for adults, and there is nothing we love more. It’s a holiday classic and one of the best family movies during the holiday season.

Tim Allen’s Santa Clause and Other Top Family Christmas Movies

Credit: Home Alone

Home Alone

Leave it to Kevin McCallister to create a story worth telling. McCauley Culkin is only a child in the movie, but he makes it hilarious, entertaining, and a Christmas classic for the entire family. It also stars the gorgeous, amazing, hilarious Catherine O’Hara (or Moira Rose as we love her now), and it’s the epitome of Christmas fun. In this one, young Kevin is forgotten at home while his family vacations in Paris. Mistake after mistake and unfortunate event after unfortunate event leave him in a dark place, and he’s home alone, protecting himself and his family home against two brainless robbers. He wins in the end, but this might be the funniest Christmas movie of all time.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

There are not many sequels that are as equally good – or better than – the original. Except for this one. Home Alone 2 shows us a slightly older Kevin being remembered on a trip but who accidentally gets on the wrong flight. He doesn’t want to spend Christmas in Florida, so he ends up in New York, where he uses his dad’s credit card to check into the Plaza Hotel and runs into the robbers he put in prison the last time he was on his own. It is another classic, and it’s hilarious through and through. What makes this one so good is that there is nothing more magical than Christmas in New York City, and we all get to see the magic through the eyes of this little boy who gets to live his best life while also fighting to protect children and a toy store. The kids love it. We love it. Everyone loves it.

Tim Allen’s Santa Clause and Other Top Family Christmas Movies

Credit: Home Alone 2


Buddy the Elf. Who doesn’t love Buddy, the overly optimistic, extremely excited, entirely naïve elf? He’s the best of the best, and Will Ferrell plays the role to perfection. This is the story of a little boy who was given up, and he got into Santa’s bag as a baby. He grew up as an elf but eventually had to find out the truth. His mother died, and it was time for him to find his father. He does, and it’s a hilarious story of a very happy elf in New York City – and the humor is amazing for the entire family.

The Polar Express

It’s the story of a young boy, a train, and a dream come true. The Polar Express is one of the classics, and this darling movie is too good to pass up. It’s not funny like the other movies on this list. But it does feature the voice of none other than Tom Hanks, and nothing is more magical than hearing his voice in a Christmas classic. This one is meant to make the family sit back and relax as the story unfolds. Be sure to add this to your list of Christmas classics. Additionally, you’ve noticed that there is a major star in every movie on this list – and that is not a coincidence.

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