Theories On What Will Happen Next To Wonder Woman

Theories On What Will Happen Next To Wonder Woman

Theories On What Will Happen Next To Wonder Woman

So Cheetah is no more, Maxwell Lord was beaten down, and Steve Trevor is dead. Again. Where does the popular DC hero go following Wonder Woman 1984? It’s been confirmed that Wonder Woman 3 will indeed make a return, though it’s not clear whether this is the final film or not. Plus, the story of the upcoming sequel hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. Where does Diana go from here? Here are several theories on where the next installment of Wonder Woman will go.

Rise of the Olympians

Created by Gail Simon, Aaron Lopresti, and Matt Ryan, this comic focuses on the new group of warriors for peace on Earth, but this time, they’re men. Naturally, a male version of Wonder Woman is created, known as Achilles. Also, Wonder Woman has to deal with a new villain, Genocide, who was created by Dr. Minerva and Dr. T.O., which could be in response to Wonder Woman beating Ares in the first film. Usually, the third entry of a comic book film has some type of callback from the first movie. Spider-Man 3 ties up loose ends of the Goblin story by finally paying off the Goblin Jr./Spider-Man rivalry. The Dark Knight Rises has a twist that sees Miranda Tate trying to avenge her father, now not every superhero film goes that route, but it would make the world feel more connected and personal. Wonder Woman has always documented the Amazons in each of the features in some shape or form, so there’s likely going to be more of a focus on that world that brings the franchise full circle. If written properly, this would be a neat storyline that adds more depth to the Amazon aspects of this franchise and Genocide is a deeply personal villain that could really bring out the best of Wonder Woman as a character.

Superman vs. Wonder Woman

This is probably wishful thinking, but there’s a reason why Lynda Carter is set to make her return in the sequel. Granted, this would be a huge storyline, so if this was the direction then it surely would’ve been teased. But this is about theories, so anything is possible. Likely, they’ll take the model out of the All-New Collectors’ Edition #C-54, where Wonder Woman discovers that the United States has an atomic bomb. Naturally, she feels it would be safer if the bomb was destroyed and that’s when Mr. Kent, aka Superman shows up. Now, the story was originally set in World War II, but it’s a tweak that can be adjusted. With Warner Brothers making it clear that they’re no longer focusing on a connected universe, it gives them an opportunity to truly experiment with their villains and heroes. Superman has always been more interesting as a villain than a hero. Exploring the darker side of the caped crusader could really take the franchise in an interesting direction. This could also be a great way to bring back Henry Cavill as the man of steel since these two actually have history. There would be more weight to the story and honestly, it would be the best villain Wonder Woman has fought so far. Granted, that would mean the writing would have to be on point when penning the darker version of Superman. Having Carter and Gadot’s Wonder Woman fighting side-by-side would be cool and the action between heroes could be legendary.

Wonder Woman vs. Wonder Woman

Though Lynda Carter’s place in the third entry has yet to be confirmed, there’s too many possibilities to not entertain what the original can do in a modern version. We’ve seen in the past how misguided Wonder Woman can be sometimes. The whole Steve Trevor storyline was borderline villainess, as she’s essentially using another man’s body in place of Steve Trevor. Perhaps Wonder Woman makes another mistake and Lynda Carter’s version ends up intervening because of how big the screw-up is. The likelihood of Gadot’s Wonder Woman going dark is slim as she’s one of the faces of the DC universe but having her character dance between good and evil can make for a very complex and layered story. Jenkins tends to focus more on story then action, and if she rightfully finds the balance between the two in the third film then this could easily come out as the best installment. Of course, there’s also the possibility of Carter being the villain here as well. The post-credit scene with Carter didn’t do much other than give fan service, but perhaps there was an easter egg or a subtle meaning that would make the scene valuable should this be the direction that they move forward with.

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