The Rick and Michonne Spinoff is Underway

The Rick and Michonne Spinoff is Underway

credit: The Walking Dead

The Rick and Michonne spinoff is underway, apparently, and fans are already talking about what they expect. As many still remember, Michonne left the group at one point, while Rick was presumed dead by several people. The fact that the final episode showed snippets of Rick and Michonne on their own quests confused several people. 

The fact is that the group has split for a few reasons, and Rick and Michonne are currently on their own quests. What’s even more enticing about this matter is that the spinoffs to The Walking Dead are bound to expand the worldview in a big way. By taking on a singular perspective, each show can travel further without needing to include everyone all at once. 

BTS images have made it clear that this show is underway and on track. It likely won’t reach fans for a while. But it does sound as though this show will bring the main characters together at some point. How this will happen is unknown. Rick is still within the CRM or has escaped it, perhaps. Michonne is still looking for Rick. In other words, no one has found each other yet. 

The Rick and Michonne Spinoff is Underway

credit: The Walking Dead

Trying to predict how the characters will meet up is difficult

Right now, it would appear that the main characters in the spinoffs are a ways apart. The geographical distance is an issue that will present a challenge. But it does feel and sound as though fans believe that this will not exist as a serious impediment. The truth of The Walking Dead is that the group hasn’t moved around that much. Over the course of 11 seasons, many could argue that this is not true. But the reality is that they have not moved that far from their point of origin. Morgan is one of those that has gone the furthest.

But in regard to this, the spinoffs are going to show the characters traveling far and wide. This will continue to widen the scope of the show in a few interesting ways. Getting to see how the outbreak affected other areas of the US, and even Europe already sounds intriguing. The saga of Michonne and Rick is bound to excite a lot of fans, considering their history. Seeing Michonne as a cold-blooded hunter is exciting enough. 

Maggie and Negan could show up

Given the fact that Maggie and Negan are headed north and east, it’s fair to think that a meeting might occur. The desire is to see the more familiar characters come together for a reunion. This would give fans something to look forward to, not to mention that it would show how much they’ve changed. 

Keeping in mind how much time has passed since Michonne and Rick have seen anyone, it’s fair to think that their reactions should reflect as much. It’s also easy to wonder what life away from the group has done to each of them, and what it will do to Maggie and Negan. One has to remember that Michonne was quite savage at one time. 

The Walking Dead

credit: The Walking Dead

Seeing Daryl might prove difficult

Daryl is likely to remain the only one that might not reunite with the others. Unless he’s going to return after the first season of his own spinoff, he could remain gone for some time. There’s still a question as to how Daryl is going to reach Europe. But that’s an explanation that’s likely to come in time, as each show is going to take a while to produce. Until they are released, it’s fair to say that fans will continue to theorize about what is going to happen. 

The idea of keeping the main characters away from each other for so long is an exciting one. However, it’s also a big risk. The idea that the fans could find this tiring after a while is palpable. Given that people enjoy seeing the story take interesting twists and turns, one can surmise that certain characters might meet up occasionally. 

As of now, Rick and Michonne are involved in arcs that are far off the beaten path. How these individual stories will go is anyone’s guess. 

Other cameos could happen during the show 

There are likely other characters of interest in the show that could show up from time to time. It might even turn out that heading back to Alexandria and other locations would work. But as of now, it does sound as though the plan is to expand the show’s influence and see other areas. Fear the Walking Dead has taken a look at the west coast. Other shows and shorts have depicted various areas. But going truly beyond the borders in a geographic sense sounds enticing. 

It would appear that the actors are fully ready to deliver a new story. That’s uplifting all on its own. 

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