The Powers and Feats of Ben 10 Explained

The Powers and Feats of Ben 10 Explained

The Powers and Feats of Ben 10 Explained

When you hear “It’s Hero Time,” what comes to your mind? I bet your mind quickly switches to Ben 10. And why not? The fellow amazes us with his alien transformation. I mean, he can transform into different species of aliens. Isn’t that amazing? Ben Tennyson discovered an alien device, the Omnitrix, which transforms the wearer into different alien species. The ordinary boy became a superhero. He captures the imagination of children who love adventure.

Who is Ben 10?

Ben was raised in Bellwood and was a frequent victim of bullying by JT and Cash. He was sent to spend his summer with his grandpa and cousins, Max Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson. Ben 10 thought he had discovered a meteorite during a camping trip, only to realize it was a mysterious watch. It was the Omnitrix! And the watch wouldn’t let go from Ben’s wrist. He then turned into an alien emitting fire which he later named Heatblast. He almost burned down a forest that was nearby because he was not able to control the powers. Since then, he mastered the control of his powers by fighting evil forces.

Ben 10 Powers and Feats

After unlocking the Omnitrix, Ben 10 can transform himself into any alien without delay and at any time. He acquired the name Ben 10,000 because that is the number of aliens at his disposal. Ben also has a son called Kenneth Tennyson. He has an alien X that can do whatever it is asked. One of the feats of the alien X is his survival on an attack that destroyed the universe. He then began to create another universe just like the one destroyed. The alien possesses some ridiculous powers. Ben 10 can add capabilities to the aliens; he gave fire powers to Big Chill. Also, Ben 10 can scan the DNA of any alien. He then uses it as an added advantage in future battles. If an alien has an added advantage in battle due to some ability Ben 10 is unaware of; then he can immediately scan his DNA and use that power against the opponent. Using the Omnitrix, he can turn himself into a mummy, a ghost freak, etc.

Best Ben 10 Regeneration Feats

  • After his body got destroyed by a galaxy-sized black hole from Alien X, the Galactic gladiator regenerated his body.
  • When Goop was atomized, he regenerated and pulled back together Piscciss (a water planet).
  • Zs’Skayr was shredded into atoms, but he regenerated himself.
  • Malware regenerated after he was taken apart by Tachyon Cannon at the sub-cellular level.
  • After the giant ship explosion, Lodestar regenerated.
  • When he lit a fire in a sewer, Swampfire accidentally blew himself up. It was after this incident that he regenerated himself.
  • The Omnitrix reconstructed Chromastone into Diamondhead.
  • Professor Hoakestar blew Pax’s half body. Pax then regenerated himself after the incident.
  • A giant fan ripped the Mummy to shreds. The Mummy regenerated itself after the incident.
  • Goop’s Anti-Gravity projector cut Swampfire into pieces. He then regenerated himself.

Ben 10’s Four Arms Explained

  • In the episode “The Unnaturals,” to defeat the Squires (A group of robot Little League Players created by Forever Knights) and save the president, Ben uses four arms.
  • To fight and defeat Looma Redwind from planet Khoros, Ben uses Four Arms.

We take note of this due to the following:

  • From Planet Khoros, Looma Redwind is the princess.
  • Princess Looma is the same species as Four Arms, a Tetramand.
  • Male Tetramands have less power than female Tetramands.
  • The male that successfully defeats female Tetramands in battle is supposed to marry the female. Thus, Ben accidentally defeated Princess Looma and had to engage her.
  • After being found guilty of changing the universe, Ben won the Galactic trial by transforming himself into four arms. He then invoked the Tetramand Trial of Combat. Ben then fights the Galactic Gladiator. However, to defeat the Galactic Gladiator, he switches to Alien X.

Incredible Intelligence Feats

  • Grey Matter quickly calculates the amount of Jelly Beans in a barrel.
  • Grey Matter could create a weapon that fires a beam of light as bright as the sun, using some earth materials.

The most remarkable feats of intelligence by Aliens’ Alien Force and Ultimate Alien:

  • When Brainstorm was explaining how the Hyperspace Jump-Gate worked.
  • While golfing, Brainstorm did a calculation to get an easy hole in his head.
  • Brainstorm shows us his intelligence and his IQ at one nonillion. He easily beats the Vengers with his intelligence.

In Ben 10, here are some of Humungousaur’s most remarkable strength feats:

  • He may not have the best strength feat because his true potential has not been seen yet. But he can do the weighty lifting. While he weighs more than 100,000 tons, he can lift heavy stuff, considering more than 100 feet tall. He quickly lifted a heavy building and threw it to the ultimate Aggregor.
  • He also lifted the hyperspace jump gate, which weighs more than a planet. Nothing could scratch it since they made the gate from neutronium carbon alloy.

Can Ben 10 beat Goku? Some of the statements from Ben 10’s fans were the ultimate overkill. Ben 10 uses Alien X, which is multiversal.

Alien X’s Feats

  • He can recreate the whole universe.
  • Alien X using six thoughts, can destroy the multiverse.
  • He can fight a Celestial Galactic Gladiator.

Alien X, without a doubt, is one of the most influential fictional characters. His strength can only be likened to that of The Living Tribunal. Goku cannot get anywhere close to this. That said, Ben 10 is a powerful verse. The top tiers in verse can destroy and recreate infinite universes. Also, the Omnitrix wearers, through a self-destruct mechanism, can destroy the universe. We can safely say that Ben can adapt rapidly to any situation that confronts him.

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