The Last of Us Budget is Insane

The Last of Us Budget is Insane

credit: The Last of Us

HBO Max’s The Last of Us budget is insane, considering that it’s greater than Game of Thrones seasons 1 to 5. Comparing the two isn’t likely since they’re very different stories. But thinking of how much it takes to create these shows is mind-boggling. Granted, the budget does go to make the shows more impressive, but still, wow. 

From the effects to the acquisition of certain actors, it gets expensive. GoT took place years ago when the various costs were marginally lower. It’s fair to think that a lot of effects are more expensive now. The cost of materials and services does rise over time, after all. 

As a show that is already hailed as a tale that will reinvent the zombie genre, The Last of Us is already creating high expectations, but it could fall short. The hope is that this won’t happen, but history shows that some shows with tremendous budgets have done well while others have faltered. 

GoT is already used as an example, and it’s very easy to state that GoT and House of the Dragon had their fair share of bugs to work out. The Last of Us is dropping soon. Whatever mistakes are there to see will reveal themselves quickly. 

The Last of Us Budget is Insane

credit: The Last of Us

It’s said that the show will stick close to the game

This is always a concern when it comes to adapting a video game or book. Quite a few fans have chimed in on one show or movie over the years. So far, those in charge have made it apparent that any deviations will remain minor and won’t affect the overall story. 

That’s quite a claim. But it does sound uplifting since going into the show with the idea that things will remain unchanged is great for the fans. Those who have no idea what to expect might notice little to nothing. Fans of the game will pore over every image following the first episode. 

If there’s something too incredibly different, it’s fair to say that these folks will pick them out without fail. Until then, however, the images given look rather impressive. It’s not too hard to think about where the money went. 

It’s easy to wonder if it’s too soon after The Walking Dead finale

Most people will likely say no, it isn’t since these two shows are very different. But it’s fair to ask since the zombie craze is still a big thing in Hollywood. In fact, it hasn’t really gone away ever since it was first created. 

The love of zombie stories has evolved, though. The Last of Us, which came out in 2013, has turned down another path despite the similarities to other properties. One thing to note is that with every zombie story, the world ends at some point. Those who survive are often seen to band together or remain apart to stay safe. Of course, staying safe isn’t the easiest thing to do in these stories.

If this game is given proper representation, though, it will have an edge on TWD. 

The Last of Us Budget is Insane

credit: The Last of Us

Fans determine the popularity of a show

Fans are vicious, they’re fickle, and they can tank a show or a movie. This sounds like a lot of paranoia, but it’s happened more than once. Fans of video games can create just as much flak since the hours they spend on these games means a lot to them. That kind of personal investment is something that fans want to see returned. 

The claim that this will happen is a strong one. Quite a few movies and shows make such claims all the time. Unfortunately, the disappointment that happens ends up tanking a show. Fans don’t tend to forgive what they see as a betrayal of their time and investment. 

The Last of Us became a fan favorite early on and still is to this day. Whether the show will say the same in the days to come is uncertain. The series shows promise with the cast and the overall story. The claims that it will stick to the game are great for fans. But there are many who are still wary of this. 

Many people still don’t know much about this story

What will help the show is the fact that many people don’t know that much about it. The same thing happened with Game of Thrones. Those who read the books were the most vocal. Those who didn’t, well, they just wanted a good story. 

If this series manages to tell a great story, it’s fair to say that it should do well. Fans of the game are going to watch the show like the hawks. Some will even watch frame by frame. But a well-told story will make up for any lack that might occur. 

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