The Five Most Visually Stunning Superhero Movies Ever Made

The Five Most Visually Stunning Superhero Movies Ever Made

It’s amazing how downplayed a superhero movie can be at times merely because it’s a fictional story based on a comic book. It’s even more amazing since the stunning visuals that are presented tend to make these movies even more impressive given that they can create a level of inspiration that is second to none when compared to movies that are based in reality and have very well-defined and set rules when it comes to the imagery and visuals they present. In all fairness, a movie doesn’t have to belong to one genre or another for the visuals to be absolutely stunning, but sometimes it does help when reality is suspended just long enough to the point across that what we see and perceive isn’t always limit to which a visual can be taken. In a lot of superhero movies, this has been made quite obvious since what they’ve shown us is that the human imagination can create wonders that are beyond reckoning at times since some of what we’ve seen has been nothing less than awe-inspiring and has helped to push the idea that such movies are and will remain visual masterpieces that will continue to inspire greatness in cinema.

Here are five of the most stunningly visual superhero movies ever made.

5. Batman (1989)

By the time Tim Burton came around with his version of Batman we’d already seen superheroes on screen before, but somehow Burton took it to another level that wasn’t quite out of this world but was still something that was undeniably cool since it dark and gritty but it was also well beyond anything we’d seen to date. The Batman movie that really kicked it all off kept things fairly realistic in the dark and imaginative way that Burton likes to play, but it didn’t go so out of control as the next few Batman movies would do. This looked like a city that people might actually live in, not a statue-laden metropolis that made no sense from a visual standpoint.

4. Captain America: Civil War

By this point the MCU had already made it a habit to blow everyone’s socks off with their visuals since from the time Iron Man came out to the release of this movie, the visuals had been nothing but stunning. In this particular chapter though the filmmaker had to bring out all the tricks in order to get this many heroes on the screen and incorporate all of their unique abilities, not to mention the battleground where they would finally stand against one another in order to unleash some of their most devastating attacks. The battle between Captain America and Iron Man was understandably the most inspirational moment of the whole movie after all.

3. Wonder Woman

This was the kick in the pants that DC really needed to keep going since the movie brought to life one of the most iconic superheroes of the brand and did so in an amazing fashion. When the reality of WWII unwittingly invaded Themyscira, Diana was still a trained princess but not yet a seasoned warrior. By taking her out of the island paradise and setting her firmly in the world of human beings it was made clear that as powerful as she was, Diana remained incredibly naive since she believed that killing a god could eliminate the need for people to war against one another. It might have worked for a little bit, but obviously it wasn’t the root cause.

2. Avengers: Endgame

This movie absolutely HAD to be big, and it had to have some of the most stunning visuals of all since it was the end of an era so to speak. It was the final battle against Thanos, the one that meant the most since it would decide the fate of the world moving forward. Thanos was, unfortunately, just as skewed when it came to power and personality as the rest of the characters were, but at the very least he was a legitimate threat that had to be dealt with, and the Avengers did this in spectacular fashion as they called in the reserves in a way that was nothing short of epic. Where the MCU goes from here is going to be interesting to see.

1. Doctor Strange

There’s not much that can top Doctor Strange when it comes to visuals in superhero movies since really, the small amount of time that was used to show him that the world he believes in so much was just another small part of the worlds he didn’t know about was enough to leave many people dizzy. In fact, the visuals that are used throughout the rest of the movie are so mind-numbing that some people have no doubt been turned off simply because their sensibilities can’t take this kind of ride. But for others, they can’t wait for more.

Superhero movies can be more than just colorful tales about super-beings after all, as their visuals can amaze even the most jaded audience member.

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