The Five Best Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Movies

The Five Best Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Movies
The Five Best Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Movies

credit: Sleepy Hollow

Several actors can fall into a role unlike any other, and it’s usually fantastic to watch such people since they can take on a role and become convincing enough to tweak audiences’ emotions with a look or just a few words. Johnny Depp has been a valuable talent for decades now, and while his career has had its ups and downs, it can’t be denied that his time spent with Tim Burton has been valuable since it’s resulted in several great movies that people still love today. The actor/director duo have created and recreated stories in a manner that has brought about a genuine sense of the macabre. Still, in a way that people can’t help but enjoy since, from Depp’s various expressions and mannerisms to Burton’s strange but wonderful imagination, these movies have been received by many in several ways that have immortalized the characters and the stories alike. Granted, a couple of remakes didn’t land quite as well, but they were all memorable in one way or another. 

Here are five of the best Tim Burton and Johnny Depp movies. 

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka factory Depp

Credit: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Quite a few fans prefer the Gene Wilder version of this movie, and that’s fair. This version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was awkward since Depp’s portrayal of the famous candy maker was strange. But somehow, this movie was still entertaining since it managed to keep many of the same elements even though plenty of things changed. Where Wilder was a bit warmer if still aloof, Depp was far removed from reality, so much so that he had to be taught how to act like a human being again. It wasn’t the best, but it was still interesting. 

4. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The Five Best Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Movies

credit: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

It feels as though Depp portrays many depressing and troubled characters, but he does them so well that one can’t fault his choices. The story of Sweeney Todd is one of those that might hit a lot of people in the feels since the guy does lose a lot and does end up going crazy over it. The fact that he comes up with a way to get rid of his victims so that he can go about murdering anyone that walks into his shop is a bit gruesome, primarily since the result promotes the idea of cannibalism within the story. Plenty of people enjoyed this movie even though it was so vicious. But then again, it did star the late, great Alan Rickman

3. Edward Scissorhands

The Five Best Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Movies

credit: Edward Scissorhands

A couple of elements of this movie stood out in a big way since they were interesting enough to remember. One thing is that it did feature the legendary Vincent Price, who has been considered a master of horror even after his passing. Another is that Anthony Michael Hall, the same kid who was a geek in the 80s, was given the role of the neighborhood bully who eventually got what he had coming to him. But the general idea of this movie is that Edward was a lost and abandoned creation that had been given a unique form but was regarded as a monster by those who didn’t understand him. 

2. Alice in Wonderland

The Five Best Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Movies

credit: Alice in Wonderland

The understanding of this story that many people have is that it’s an off-kilter fantasy in which many of the characters are nuts and make little to no sense. The Mad Hatter comes off as silly but can also be dark and foreboding at certain moments, as his madness goes more profound than many might understand. But the fact that Depp plays this character so well makes it fun and engaging since trying to keep up with this movie in the first place can be challenging enough. However, trying to anticipate the Hatter the first time is the kind of challenge that many people might find intriguing. 

1. Sleepy Hollow

The Five Best Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Movies

credit: Sleepy Hollow

This was an awkward movie, but it was still highly entertaining since it had a great cast and a premise that many people could follow since it incorporated the legend that many people might have remembered from their youth. The Headless Horseman received an exciting backstory, as did Ichabod Crane, who Depp skillfully played as he became the scientist that actively denied magic. Once he was forced to accept what was happening, though, his character evolved, and the movie continued to roll along without fail, as his acting in this movie was seamless. 

Vincent Price

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