The Five Best Seth Rogan Movies of His Career

The Five Best Seth Rogan Movies of His Career

The Five Best Seth Rogan Movies of His Career

Seth Rogen is the big lovable loser that a lot of people have come to enjoy over the years and has even changed his tune during a couple of movies since he’s taken on different roles that didn’t involve him being a big man-child that needs to grow up. Sure he hasn’t changed all that much, but honestly the biggest thing going for him has been the whole man-child act since it’s kept him employed and earned him a following. But with that being said he’s had to do it in more than one way since doing every movie the same is a bit boring and leads to being called a one-trick pony by a lot of people. It also tends to lose a lot of fans since despite the fact that fans are fickle they do want to see that their favorite actors can evolve and adapt to the growing needs of the industry. Rogen has done that in part, but he’s also kept what made him popular in the first place.

Here are some of his best movies to date.

5. Funny People

Funny People was something that a lot of people thought was going to be, well, funny. In truth the film gives a different look at comedy as it explores the darker and more realistic side that often gives way to the jokes and mocking attitudes that comedy is derived from. Sandler plays a comedian that’s been established for some time while Rogen plays an aspiring comic that is floundering for lack of a better word. As Sandler’s character takes Rogen on as an apprentice or a gopher, depending on how you look at it, he’s also shown to be kind of a jerk throughout the movie as he tries to pick up on an old girlfriend that’s now married and treats Rogen like an indentured servant.

4. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Cal is the coworker that a lot of us have had in the past that thinks he knows a little about a lot but in truth doesn’t know a whole lot about anything he talks about. He does have that kind of stoner wisdom that comes from having sat back and observed people long enough to see what makes them tick. Otherwise he’s the type of person that really does manage to care about others but dishes out some of the most questionable advice you could imagine. When it comes to this movie Andy couldn’t have better friends, but when it comes to advice it’s actually better that he begins to take control of his life rather than listen to his buddies.

3. Pineapple Express

If not for a single marijuana roach being left behind there wouldn’t be much of a movie. After witnessing a drug lord and a cop murder a person in cold blood Dale goes on the run but drops his roach, which the drug lord then traces back to the dealer that sold it to Dale’s dealer. From that point it becomes a chase to see who can stay ahead of who, but eventually Dale and Saul are captured and are about to be executed when Red, Saul’s supplier, suddenly grows a spine and comes to the rescue. It’s a wild ride from about a third of the way in to the finish, but it’s also kind of what’s expected of a Seth Rogen movie.

2. Neighbors

It’s hard enough to sell a house at times when there are buyers and the home is in a good neighborhood. Buying a home isn’t like buying a new set of clothes after all, there are a dozen different things that have to be done before the sale can go through. But when a fraternity moves in next door a couple finds it nearly impossible to believe that they’ll be able to sell to any prospective buyers. Unfortunately once they call the cops on the frat house one night for a noise complaint the real fight begins as the fraternity members make it a point to be as obnoxious as possible, making the sale even more difficult.

1. Knocked Up

This is probably one of the biggest mismatches in film history largely because in real life no one could possibly see Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl hooking up. It’s not just an appearance thing, though there is that, but it’s also the fact that in the story their characters are entirely different as well. Rogen plays the man-child that has yet to grow up and take any real responsibility for his life, while Heigl is on the fast track to become a star on TV. This is why a pregnancy is a terrible idea for both of them at this point, and is the accidental result of too much booze and not enough caution taken before doing the deed.

He’s goofy, he’s nutty, but he’s Seth, and that seems to say it all.

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