The Five Best Chris Rock Movies of His Career

The Five Best Chris Rock Movies of His Career

The Five Best Chris Rock Movies of His Career

It’s easy to take a look at Chris Rock and call him a successful, very funny and influential individual that’s got his life together and nothing much to worry about. But back in the day when he was still a kid he had plenty to worry about. Ever hear the theory that comedy stems from the darkest, most painful places we can imagine? In Rock’s case it might be true since during his school years he was picked on and bullied relentlessly until he had to be taken out of school. Eventually he dropped out and would later earn his GED, but after working several menial jobs he started to make his way into comedy and the rest, as you know, is a slow but sure climb to the position he has today as one of the funniest comedians around. He’s done plenty of other stuff in his life, but there’s no denying that he’s one of the funnier men in the industry.

Here are a few of his best movies to date.

5. The Longest Yard

One thing about a remake is that it’s always going to be an uphill climb to match the first movie, and this one thankfully stays true enough that it can do it. While it switches around a few roles and even adds a couple due to the different era, this version of The Longest Yard does stay pretty true to the original. Caretaker is the guy that can get anything a person needs since he always seems to have a cousin or other family member that works here or there and can hook him up. That being said, he’s also the big morale boost that the team needs both before and after his demise, which as in the original is about the same.

4. Boomerang

It’s interesting that a person would hold their standards for a partner as something almost unattainable only to later on realize that their standards are the reason why they’re unhappy. Marcus is the kind of guy that wants everything in a woman that he deems as perfect, yet when he finds that woman he discovers that he’s the one being played instead of the other way around. Upon finding another woman that actually pays attention to him and is kind and caring he downplays their connection and therefore loses her for a while and in the process seems to be getting back with the woman that played him. Thankfully though he realizes that he was happier with the other woman goes to seek her out.

3. Lethal Weapon 4

Butters, buckles, biscuits, it doesn’t really matter what Rock’s character’s name is in this film since the only thing that needs to be remembered is that he and Murtaugh’s daughter tried to pull a fast one on Roger, who didn’t know that his eldest daughter eloped without telling him. When she becomes pregnant however the situation isn’t made better since Roger, who is very old-fashioned, wants to know who the father is. Once he finds out he’s none too happy, but over the course of the movie he does manage to accept his son-in-law and welcomes him in as family as the entire group come together at the end.

2. Grown Ups

How many people still know the same people from grade school this after so many years? It’s not uncommon but it’s still not something that everyone could claim. When the guys get together after so many years to honor their favorite coach at his funeral they find that a lot has changed, and some things haven’t. Together with their families they rent an old cabin where they not only get to relive the good times, but they get to pass those times onto their kids as well, as it becomes a mission to remind their children that the technological age wasn’t always the most dominant era in human evolution. Sometimes it’s best to just go outside and get a little crazy.

1. New Jack City

Pookie was just a different kind of pitiful since you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and want to throttle the guy at the same time until whatever teeth he had left started rattling. But he did get clean if only for a little while and with a lot of prodding. He went right back to the pipe of course, as habitual users will tend to do unfortunately if they’re not given a reason to stay off or support to keep clean. New Jack City was a very compelling movie about the dangers of addiction and the manner in which crime can spread like a cancer throughout a community. Pookie was just one among many addicts in the film, but he was the most prominent since Chris played him so convincingly.

Chris Rock has been one of the funniest men in the business for a good long while now.

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